Workshop airbag reset tool on all makes – Foxwell NT630 recommedation

Workshop airbag reset tool on all makes – Foxwell NT630 recommedation


Vehicle makes to reset airbag:

Have workshop and have many world-wide popular vehicle makes to reset airbag (not a specific car). Have American makes, Asian makes and European makes.


Capacity to achive:

A tool can read & reset airbage /srs codes. Also delete / reset the crash data in SRS modules after an accident or airbags deployed, and more than these simple capacities…



Less than $200 usd


Handheld or windows-based?

I’d still go with the Handheld if given the choice, especially when I have no a laptop or tablet handy outside.


Then, which airbag reset tool highly recommended?

Of course original Foxwell NT630 airbag reset tool for all makes.

NT630 has solid unit without being too heavy and comes in a very nice hard case.

And its price is competitive.

Where to buy original Foxwell NT630 airbag reset tool?

Of course the authorized dealer, i.e

Foxwell NT630 price $169 free international shipping.

Tool is new and tested before shipping.

Update: 18 months free update on, here NT630 update guide:

After-sale tech support: instant, helpful by all available contact options i.e email, whatsapp, phone, Skype, etc.

Payment: PayPal or Western Union, but for this cheap price, PayPal is better.

Shipment: DHL with tracking number.


Foxwell NT630 airbag reset tool test report:

Analyze and graph the O2 sensors…OK

– 2015 Mercedes S550 W222 model turn off an airbag light on OK.

– 2004 Hyundai Sonata AirBag diagnosis OK

– 2002 Mercedes Benz CLK320 clears the SRS light and malfunction warning OK

– Ford Falcon BA V8 ABS diagnosis OK

– Truck GMC the 2005 year reset the airbag OK

-1997 Pontiac Grand Am perform gear tension relief sequence OK

– KIA Sedona 2008 airbag light reset OK

– Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ diesel 2.5 1997 reset SRS Codes OK

It lists error codes

Tell me what’s wrong with my air bag light

Reset the codes

Worked fine with my VW, Dodge, Ford

Read Subaru SRS codes

Read 2 Pontiac’s codes

The live data is what you would expect.

Being able to store codes on the included flash disc is quite nice.


Foxwell NT630 airbag reset tool Capacity – more than workshop expectation

  1. Optional to automatically indentify VIN or manually input VIN.
  2. NT630 shows live vehicle sensor data in text and graph format and allows you to focus on any suspicious or symptom-specific data parameters. It’s powerful graphing capability gives you the “real picture” of what’s going on in the vehicle. You can view 2 parameter graphs simultaneously and merge them into one coordinate, so you can easily see how they affect each other, providing you with the most comprehensive and funcational look at live data possible.
  3. NT630 cannot only read your codes, but it can also actuate components, run system tests, program control modules. Reading the trouble codes from your vehicle is easy, but without live data, bi-directional controls and other special functions, you may not have enough information to get the problem fixed right.
    It allows you to use the scan tool temporarily activate or control ABS/airbag system or component.
    With NT630, the check of electronic components such as switches, sensors, relays and actuators is made a simple task, saving your time and labor costs. It gives you the ability to “flash” ABS and airbag control units with new program data and allows for the coding and programming of a replacement control module or changing previously stored incorrect coding as expensive factory tools do.

Foxwell NT630 user manual is informative:
Foxwell NT630 airbag reset tool quality / design:

Workshop airbag reset tool on all makes – Foxwell NT630 recommedation

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Workshop airbag reset tool on all makes – Foxwell NT630 recommedation