Why many users recommend Schwaben /Foxwell nt510 Scanner? (Reviews)

After finish reading this whole post on Schwaben / Foxwell nt510 scanner reviews, you will get it why so many users recommend Schwaben /Foxwell nt510 Scanner.

Why many users recommend Schwaben /Foxwell nt510 Scanner? (Reviews)

  1. When I last checked and actually added the VAG module to my Foxwell nt510. the modules were $70 each, if you did not actually purchase an additional manufacturer module.


  1. I have verified all of the listed things on actual vehicles. Have access to many makes and models as it claimed.


  1. Foxwell has been adding features quickly to this NT510 scanner, many updates with added features, so it does seem to supported reasonably well.


  1. I do think this is a very good option to have in your toolbox. While tools like INPA and BMW Scanner 1.4.0 are very useful for the E46 or similar models, I also find that you sometimes need multiple tools to compare error codes and some provide more data than others.


  1. The problem with some of the more advanced features is you may need to actually “code” or “program” modules in some way, so I have limited my use to only doing the things that needed to be done on vehicles I have run across. It sounds like the OP may work in a shop where they see MANY cars on a daily or weekly basis.

While some people may think $155 is a lot to pay for a diagnostic tool at a low price of INPA, BMW Scanner 1.4.0 knock off, OBDII Apps, one needs to think about how much money the DIYer is saving on labor cost and not being without their car for days at a time.

I prefer dedicated tools because there are typically no “Boot” problems, software crashes or unexpected performance problems.

I do not think this kind of tool has the ability to fully code virgin or used modules to a vehicle, this will likely require a much more advanced tool or a BMW specific software like INPA or NCS.

I do suggest people to look at the Schwaben/Foxwell nt510 BMW/MINI Scan Tool as it does have a lot of good features, but beware that you may run into some features that are not supported or are currently being debugged, but this is even the case with Professional Scan tools in the 4-5 figure range from major suppliers like Snap-On.

If you have more that BMW’s in your garage, the ability to add the VAG or other manufacturers for $60-$70 is a good value as well.

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Why many users recommend Schwaben /Foxwell nt510 Scanner? (Reviews)