Which OBD tool recode diesel injectors on 2006 santa fe II (CM) 2.2. crdi?


ive got a 2006 santa fe II (CM) 2.2. crdi. I bought it with a freshly replaced injector on cyl 4. Now a stuttering problem has returned. I suspect the injector was replaced but perhaps not recoded -or perhaps the replacement was bad….
anyway, how can I check the coding or recode the injector without access to a dealer scantool?
whats the cheapest scan tool which can do this?



Remember, this is a diesel injection system. Diesel injectors operate at much higher voltages than petrol injectors. Both power supply & ground come from the engine PCM.

To answer your question, yes, I suppose you could try replacing the wiring between the effected injector and the PCM. Just be sure to use wiring of the same current rating as the original wiring. Diesel injectors operate at around 18Amps (and 80ish Volts).

Solenoid injectors can be 60-80V. Piezo injectors around 100-150V.


Every diesel injector has slightly different characteristics and the engine PCM needs to be told about the characteristics of each injector on the engine. The injectors are tested and given a coding number at manufacture. The coding is entered into the engine PCM using the diagnostic scan tool and this allows the PCM to alter the firing time of the injector slightly to compensate for the differences between injectors.

You don’t need the dealer tool to enter the coding, but you wont be able to do it with a generic OBD scan tool. Most professional scan tools are able to code injectors but professional tools don’t come cheap, so it would probably be better to visit your local diesel specialist and have them diagnose the problem. If it’s injector coding (unlikely), they’ll be able to recode them.


OBD tools recommended:

I don’t have any personal experience with these tools but they seems to offer a bit more than generic OBD (not up to the level offered by VCDS though) :
Foxwell Pro NT600 4-System (Engine, ABS, Airbag, Gearbox) Fault Code Reader
or it’s bigger brother:
Foxwell Pro NT624 ALL System Diagnostic Scanner Scan Tool –foxwellshop

It claims to be able to recode injector as you guys see below.

Which OBD tool recode diesel injectors on 2006 santa fe II (CM) 2.2. crdi?
This tool actually looks quite good. It did an auto scan of all the control units on the Toyota pretty quickly. I might invest in one of these myself. All my diag tools are laptop based and it’s a bit of a pain dragging the laptop out and waiting for it to boot up just to reset a service light or something, so having a standalone tool like this for quick & dirty diagnosis & resets would be pretty good.

Which OBD tool recode diesel injectors on 2006 santa fe II (CM) 2.2. crdi?


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Which OBD tool recode diesel injectors on 2006 santa fe II (CM) 2.2. crdi?