Where to buy Foxwell NT630 scanner SRS reset tool (Feedback)

Foxwell NT630 scanner is a great tool, it seems to be better than the other ones i had purchased.Im a mobile mechanic with a workshop, and a small car yard in sydney, Great tool, does what i need. We do a lot of euro stuff and it works well.

NT630 can read SRS/air bag code. It supports airbag on/off switch and airbag/occupant restraint. I use it to clear the airbag passanger seat light off on 2008 Mini Cooper, 2013 VW passat tdi, 2011 Chevy hhr, Suzuki SX4 2007 and more. It is claimed to be able to cover worldwide car makes from USA, Asia, Europe, France, Italia etc, more models I will test and report.

Where to buy Foxwell NT630 scanner SRS reset tool (Feedback)

Why I choose Foxwell NT630?

Foxwell NT630 is easy to use, some of my airbag reset tools are laptop based and it’s a bit of a pain dragging the laptop out and waiting for it to boot up just to reset a airbag light, so having a stand alone tool like this NT630 for quick & dirty resets would be pretty good.


Where do I get Foxwell NT630?

This is the man I bought my Foxwell Nt630 reset tool from.


I paid $179.

They are original Foxwell Authorized dealer at Shenzhen China. I have tried it is accessible to foxwelltech.com site to update, they claim to be free for 18 months after I register a user name. Besides, they did answer all of my emails in 24 hours and arranged package ASAP, their orders can be tracked online so you know where it is, the devivery by DHL took 5 working days.

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Where to buy Foxwell NT630 scanner SRS reset tool (Feedback)