What reasons you purchased Foxwell NT624? Read reviews

What reasons you would like to purchase Foxwell NT624? It must be one of the following reasons.

1. Foxwell NT624 is a quality scan tool. It was exactly as described

2. Good equipment. Happy with the purchase.
The device looks and feels well made on the outside, screen looking nice and clear, case is sturdy. Serial connector cord and mini usb could be a bit better, but overall a nicely made device.

Can update software over the internet but requires an account.

Has a ton of vehicle data and stored on an included memory card.

I was looking for something else and needed some more features and the company is very accommodating and responsive.

3. For the money, this is a very powerful scanner. It does NOT allow you to make any programming changes to your vehicle. It will only allow you to read and clear codes.

4. On the positive side, foxwell NT624 scanner worked well on my 2000 Excursion with a 7.3L diesel. It found several issues that i wasn’t aware of and helped me to diagnose and fix them. It also helped diagnose issues on my 2004 Tahoe and 2010 Suburban. Both had codes that I wasn’t aware of and I was able to get several electrical issues resolved in both of those vehicles. Based on these repairs, the unit has already paid for itself.
If you don’t have high expectations, this device will meet your needs. It’s a little buggier and clunkier than some of the more expensive scanners, but it also seems to have more capabilities and features than the Bosch or other common scanners based on my research.

5.  download additional information to it for many other car brands to the flashdrive that goes with this item but it works great!

6. I like that it’s easy to use. Also that it comes in it’s own carrying case.

7. I must say that I am impressed. We own 3 British cars and it was able to access everything in all 3. I drive a 2006XJR, and the NT624 has accessed every module in it – the one that I had problems with was the Navigation module. AutoEnginuity was not able to access it. It does real good with our 2006 Range Rover and Disco. The seller has quite a few videos in the listing, one of which has the Jaguar XJ demo. What I found surprising is that the NT624 also covers Maserati and Bentley – which none of the multi-maker scanner have.

8. Foxwell NT624 diagnoses 2003 XK8 convertible with 93000km

9. Foxwell NT624 full-system scanner on 2004 Nissan XTerra

10. Foxwell NT624 OK on 12V 2005 year Dodge Ram 3500

11. Foxwell NT624 scan Mini Cooper 07 Drive Chassis Body

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Cover: All Makes All system EPB+Oil+DPF+TPS/TBA+BRT

What reasons you purchased Foxwell NT624? Read reviews

I recommend you talk to foxwelltool.com customer service if you have any questions or issues because they are fast at responding.

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What reasons you purchased Foxwell NT624? Read reviews