(Solved) Foxwell NT510 can’t register says Serial Number does not exist

Foxwelltool.com customer service feedback: although most Foxewell NT510 users operation no issure, he received a message saying “I am not able to register mine Foxwell NT510. The web site says my Serial Number does not exist. I went to the Update page, and this product does not exist. Only after going to the Product page was I able to find this scanner and I downloaded the foxwell Tools. I am not able to use this either because of “Network Error”. And… There was some mysterious USB drive included in the package that also does not work. I’m pretty sure I just installed Putin’s Democrat hacking software.”


From Foxwell:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting us.

First, please make sure the serial number and registered password are correct. Please pay special attention to letter “O” and number “0” and letter “I” and number “1” also. Even though there is a serial number on the back label, please always use the one you found by selecting Setup>About. What’s more,please pay much attention to the model number,the model number is BMW_MINI_Scanner_14020SCH,which should Consistent with serial number.



Foxwell writes “Please click the link below to download and install the latest version Foxscanner 7.60 from our website: http://www.foxwelltech.com/product/item-169.html”


Up and running.

The newest version is required then is connects right away.

Put the sd card from the scanner into the USB adapter and plug into the PC. The Foxwell software will display what updates are available then updates the sd card. Put the sd card back in the scanner.


Hope it helps.

FYI, Foxwell NT510 price drops to $159 from $179.

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(Solved) Foxwell NT510 can't register says Serial Number does not exist