[SOLVED] BMW E90 328i 2F71 e-box fan replacement

I finally attempted to replace the e-box fan on my E90 328i as my Foxwell NT510 was giving me code “2F71 Electronics-box fan, activation”. I’ve tried replacing the 40amp fuse in the DME box which unfortunately didn’t fix my issue.

For reference, I am following the following instructions on newTIS: along with all the preliminary steps.


Step 1: Pull back carpet.

Release lower nut on fuse carrier holder.

Pull holder slightly towards front.

[SOLVED] BMW E90 328i 2F71 e-box fan replacement


Step 2: Disconnect plug connections for fan motor (1).

Release screws (2). Remove fan.

[SOLVED] BMW E90 328i 2F71 e-box fan replacement


The issue I am running into is exactly the same as post #23 in the above linked thread. I cannot remove the fuse panel.


I’m having quite a difficult time accessing the top-left and bottom left screws because the blower motor is in the way.. Does anyone have any tips/tricks to make this easier? It is such a cramped working area that it’s hard to get any leverage/access to the screws.. any help would be much appreciated.


I have confirmed that my e-box fan is in fact dead. I cleared the codes and tested the e-box fan (Foxwell NT510 has this functionality) but it would not activate, and the 2F71 code would immediately come back. I plugged in the new fan I purchased part #12907531783 (I have an N51) and ran the same test and it spun right up and no codes came up after the test. So now it’s just a matter of getting the old one out to replace!

06-26-2018 update:

Update! I was able to successfully switch out the e-box fan and fix code 2F71 yesterday night. A flexible screwdriver shaft is the key.

I bought screwdriver set and it had the T15/T20 bit and the flexible shaft allowing me to access all 4 screws for the fuse panel. Note that the screws were on pretty tight, and the flexible shaft does contort but I just kept turning counter-clockwise even when the shaft was bending and it eventually broke the screw loose.

Note that on the newTIS link in my original post, I did not perform the below preliminary steps and was still able to replace my e-box fan, hopefully this helps save time as it wasn’t necessary at all:


Detach mucket (1) in area of side trim panel (2).

Unclip side trim panel (2)  00 9 317 with special tool  in direction of arrow at retaining points (3) and remove.

[SOLVED] BMW E90 328i 2F71 e-box fan replacement




If necessary, lever out clips (1) remaining in bores.


If necessary, replace faulty clips (1).


Position side trim panel (2) preinstalled with clips (1) on associated bores and clip into place.

[SOLVED] BMW E90 328i 2F71 e-box fan replacement

2) Note:

Glovebox removed for purposes of clarity.


Disconnect plug connection (1).

Release screws (2) and remove junction box electronics (3) from holder.

[SOLVED] BMW E90 328i 2F71 e-box fan replacement


Disconnect plug connection (1).


Make sure junction box electronics is correctly seated on plug connection (2) of holder.

[SOLVED] BMW E90 328i 2F71 e-box fan replacement


Use this link for pictures on how to remove the glove box:

Once the 4 fuse panel screws are removed, and the top-left plug connection as noted here is removed, the entire fuse panel can be carefully tilted forward and then the glorious e-box fan is exposed. No need to disconnect the connections on the back of fuse panel. That top-left plug is a B**** to get off.. I had to ask for a 2nd pair of hands, one person holding in the clip on the right side of the plug, and me holding in the left side with a flat head screwdriver and index finger GENTLY pulling on the connector.

Note I tried performing the e-box fan replacement without doing any preliminary steps (DISCONNECT THE NEGATIVE BATTERY TERMINAL) in accordance with this and I wasn’t able to get the right angles to access the two (its either T15 or T20) screws on the e-box fan. On my second attempt (with the flexible shaft), I didn’t do the step where it mentioned to “Pull back carpet. Release lower nut on fuse carrier holder. Pull holder slightly towards front.” as the holder barely budged (there are two 10mm nuts for the fuse carrier holder, not just the one pictured in the link) so it wasn’t helpful at all, and not necessary.

When putting it all back together, I didn’t put the top-left screw back in the fuse panel as it is plenty secure with just the other three.

This is definitely one of those jobs that on my first go around took forever and was a huge pain. If I had to do it again it would be a breeze.

[SOLVED] BMW E90 328i 2F71 e-box fan replacement

[SOLVED] BMW E90 328i 2F71 e-box fan replacement


Credits to @AoS810 (https://www.e90post.com/forums/)


For your information, Foxwell NT510 is already updated to Foxwell NT530 scanner.

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[SOLVED] BMW E90 328i 2F71 e-box fan replacement