(Solved )BMW E90 328i 2007 “steering angle calibration required” fault

Have one BMW E90 328i 2007, and I was baffled for months with the “steering angle calibration required” fault. I used my Foxwell NT530 scanner to calibrate, and as soon as I turned steering to either side, bang, DCS light comes to dash. I ordered bmw sensor kit and replaced, and same ending. Replaced a speed sensor which was also faulty, and no change. So I took apart the steering wiper stalk to check the disk again. This time I was looking at the electronics board and I saw that a small sector of solder embedded in the board had lifted and cut off. I got a small piece of insulated wire an soldered to both ends of that “track”.
Put everything back together, erased codes, and BAMMMM, no more DSC lights, turning lights turn off after turning now, DTC button works, and cruise control works!!

(Solved )BMW E90 328i 2007 "steering angle calibration required" fault




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(Solved )BMW E90 328i 2007 "steering angle calibration required" fault