Reset 2013 Chrysler 200 SRS light on by Foxwell NT630 Plus

Car model and year: 2013 Chrysler 200


Symptom: The air bag light will come when the steering wheel is turned, if you go straight it will clear but as soon as you move the steering wheel is back on.


Possible reasons and solutions:

1.I would suspect that a wire in the clockspring is fraying.

the clock spring needing to be replaced.


  1. My suggestion is “take it to the dealer ” !
    Sounds like an electrical short causing the light to flash under certain circumstances. That is an invitation for the air bag to blow unintended and possibly cause a crash or injury.
    Don’t chance it, have it repaired.


First, the “clock spring” shows as an expensive part, because it called a module, therefore it must contain electronic parts.
( electrical parts of any nature are non-returnable )
They are cheaper at the aftermarket parts retailers, but still nonreturnable.


If you replace the clock spring, the ESC indicator may will turn on.

I recently bought a 2013 chrysler 200 touring whose clockspring was broken down. So I ordered one and changed it.
After I changed it the SRS indicator turned off, the keys on the steering wheel and the horn started working, but on issue appeared! The ESC light turned on!


  1. I did have an air bag light on for quite some time on my 2011. The light first started turning on intermittently and I thought it was the faulty controller that needed to be replaced on recall so I left it alone…. I was just too busy to schedule an appointment. It finally got to the point that it was on all the time. So I made an appt to have the controller changed. Turns out the controller had nothing to do with the light being on. The dealer wanted $149 to diagnose the light because they needed to hook it up to their scan tool for the body codes. I ended up buying this scan tool

Reset 2013 Chrysler 200 SRS light on by Foxwell NT630 Plus


made by Foxwell. This was money well spent because not only does it read and clear engine codes, it reads and clears ABS and SRS (air bag) codes all for only $149 delivered. Something that my Diablo programmer cannot do. My air bag issue ended up being 2 broken wires in the harness for my drivers headrest.

Point I am trying to make… If you were going to do the clock spring by yourself, and there are a few videos on youtube how to do it, you may want to invest in this tool rather than taking it to the dealer for a diagnostic and still repairing it yourself.


Good luck!



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Reset 2013 Chrysler 200 SRS light on by Foxwell NT630 Plus