Real user’s review on how to register and use Foxwell NT510

If you paid one Foxwell NT510 scanner and have no ideal how to register on the official site even following the instruction, I am sure real user’s method and experience will guide you in a right direction.


(Quote) This scanner (Foxwell NT510 ) paid for itself over and over again. I registered my BMW battery with it and reset about 12 fault codes. When you receive your scanner and paid for 1 free software you will need to register your scanner. When you register the scanner make sure you remove your password. You then will need to take the sad card out of the scanner and put it into a usb reader and insert it into your computer. Once you have it inserted in your computer go to and download the software onto the SD card. It will be a zip file. To install the software on your as carr you will need a unzip software which you can download free from the internet. When you unzip the software it will automatically put an icon of the car or truck brand on your scanner. Done! I would like to point out that if you have problems registering your scanner you may need to re-regi SD ter with a different email. It will ask for the scanner serial number which you will input into the web site. Then you should be able to choose what software you want to download. Good luck. You will not be disappointed you purchased this scanner. It’s very easy to use to reset codes, save we trouble codes, run live diagnostics. I’m going to get a software file for my Chevy Suburban next.


Credits for Emilia nice service.

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Real user's review on how to register and use Foxwell NT510