Best & cheap Nissan 350Z code scanner review: Foxwell NT650

Car model and year: Nissan 350Z 2003 -2009 year



Looking for a diagnostic scanner to read real time data. As well as the BCM codes. Also would like ABS and Steering Angle Sensor Reset Would like one that works across different makes if that is possible..


Nissan scanner to advice:

  1. Consult 3: working but expensive ($more than 600usd)


  1. Foxwell NT650: working and cheaper (159usd)

I recently purchased a Foxwell NT650 based on several reviews and some questions that I asked over at I needed to calibrate my Steering Angle Sensor after doing some steering column work, and adding 06 audio buttons/wiring and 06 clock spring to my 03 350Z. The SAS calibration is typically found under work support and ABS on the higher end scanner tools. Many people reported that other tools claimed this support/functionality, but after using these other tools, it did not work for them. This Foxwell tool worked perfectly for me, and had the ABS support features I needed, and I was able to monitor my SAS, and recalibrate it correctly. Its supposed to handle the TPMS system too, and the reports are that it does, but you may need the TPMS RF tool, to actuaklly assign the tire sensor stems, when doing TPMS work. I have not used the tool for too much else, yet, but the screen is very nice and its loaded with features. For about $159, it seems equivalent to some of the other tools that cost $1000+…


The support is instant, I could get a straight answer. I bought the Foxwell and that worked perfectly for what I needed to do. I paid $159 or so for the tool, but hopefully it will provide years of service and I can avoid a few trips to the dealership by having a decent scan tool that has some higher end code reading features.

Best & cheap Nissan 350Z code scanner review: Foxwell NT650


Someone asked: It looks easier then buying the Foxwell I just want something that would be easy to use.

My point of view is:

Nothing is going to be as easy as a handheld scanner… as the scanner has no dongle device with communications variables, or a windows laptop with variable serial communications setup conditions. The dongles that are compatible can be different too. I tried NDS, and bought one of the spec’d dongles, and never felt like the software was properly working as I got communications errors after spending an hour or so adjusting settings to what seemed to give me the best overall performance. There is limited info on this in the NDS manual. In the end, I gave up on it, because I didn’t feel the communications were solid enough to rely on it to make changes to the car. Corrupting the car’s ECU is not something I wanted to deal with.


And someone also asked: Would something like the Foxwell unit allow me to permanently turn off my airbag light?

My point of view is:

Nothing will allow you to permanently turn off the airbag light if the steering wheel airbag is not there (this is constantly something that is being monitored by the SRS system in the car). It will always be triggered when the sensor is either not hooked up or airbag has been deployed. The SRS airbag malfunction LED in the dash is something that will trigger on every drive until its repaired, and will go away ONLY if the SRS condition is satisfied and an SRS reset is done.


  1. Nissan datascan 2 : Failed

A great tool but needs a laptop to run all the functions. I never had a problem with it but i don’t know about support. It runs around $80 with a cable.
I am now running a link g4+ ECU. But can still use the program for abs/bcm issues.


The Datascan Software can not reset the steering angle sensor on a 2003 350Z for me.

but I am not sure if it was related to the USB OBD2 dongle I was using, I played with the settings for an hour or so to optimize the connection, but I seemed to be getting errors with all configuarations. The software said everything was connected and communicating and I was able to run an OBD2 scan. However, when I ran the work support, it said completed,. but I was still having SAS problems when I was driving. I bought the NDS software and dongle for the sole purpose of resetting my steering angle sensor, and ended up buying a good scan tool foxwell NT650 instead.


Hope it helps!



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Best & cheap Nissan 350Z code scanner review: Foxwell NT650