How to Monitor BMW X5 Transmission Fluid Temp by Foxwell NT530?

Purpose: to replace the transmission fluid as part of replacing the Transmission Sealing Sleeve.

There is a procedure says to maintain the fluid at 30 to 35 C when checking the level (N62 ZF).

Want to ensure if Foxwell NT530 monitor the real-time temperature of the transmission fluid.



I got my Foxwell NT530 Pro and have started using it.

For transmission fluid temperature I’m using the path, from the top menu after scanning the VIN in the BMW section:

2. Control Units
1. Drive
10. EGS 6HP transmission control
5. Live data
1. Performance variables, gearbox: (checkbox) Oil temperature, gearbox [ I also checked Oil temperature, engine & Battery voltage ]
View Data [F3]

I didn’t update the unit yet.


There’s also a 11. EGS 6HPTU transmission control menu choice, just below 10. EGS 6HP transmission control in the third step. At first I have no ideal” which is correct for an 04 N62, They seem to have the same choices available, at least for the live monitoring.”, then what I got answer was ” Numerous modules are duplicates I never know which Is the best one but I think they are basically the same with some minor changes depending on what is available.”


Please look at the transmission oil temperature with the Foxwell NT530 BMW:

How to Monitor BMW X5 Transmission Fluid Temp by Foxwell NT530?


Question 1: Does Foxwell nt530 scanner will reset transmission adaptations?

Answer: Yeah, but don’t do it. Not unless you’ve changed the mechatronic or some other major component. An oil flush (change) is NOT cause for a transmission adaptations reset – and doing so could possibly cause more harm than good.


Question 2: Is that the same thing as updating the transmission software?
This info, for a 745i with the EGS 6HP, has Reset/relearn values as menu item 7. It’s on a NT510.

Answer: Nope – not the same. A Reset/Relearn is an adaptation reset – to be avoided unless you have replaced major components in the transmission.

A software update requires a copy of the new firmware for the transmission controller (EGS) and a tool (laptop and software etc.) for programming the transmission controller. Note that I said transmission controller and not the transmission itself. Transmissions aren’t programmed but controllers are.

The hand-held scanners will not update software/firmware in the car (in general).

Need a computer for that, WinKFP for updating DME and EGS, part of BMW Standard Tools (INPA, NCS Expert, WinKFP).


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How to Monitor BMW X5 Transmission Fluid Temp by Foxwell NT530?