Maserati Quattroporte Bj.2008 service interval reset tool review

Car model and year: QP V, Bj. 2008


Two Questions:

Can the service interval display be reset after the service has been completed (e.g. in an independent workshop) or does an independent workshop have the necessary equipment?

Can an independent workshop also completely read out the fault memory during an inspection?


Testers to use:


The only affordable tester comes from Texa for around 6000 €, he can do it all.

Every workshop can read the EOBD values, but that is only the engine data, and most of the emissions-related errors can be deleted.

EOBD is not the same as reading out all parameters of the engine control unit.

These are only basic data with some exhaust gas relevant data.

This can help, but it may also be that some data are not available for error diagnosis.


I can say from my own experience that it would be desirable that everything
works this way.
But it doesn’t.
If you cannot get into the engine control unit with a multi-brand diagnostic tool, OBD is
the last option, only the data is not as extensive.
Often the message comes up that the menu item is not supported.
The learned correction data are then, for example, not values ​​but only learned or not learned.
If that’s enough, you should buy something like that.
And it can help with diagnosis.

Often it only annoys the workshop, because of the “Mr. I know what” effect.


The Leonardo and Texa can also do that with the camshaft adjusters,
you would probably also find it as an OBD error code , an OBD only device may then only have the text Pxxxx manufacturer-specific code, which will not take you directly.

Reading out the error codes helps with the diagnosis, but does not mean that the error can then be eliminated immediately, often there are several components that can cause the same error code.
Thinking and sometimes luck helps to exchange the right thing.



And then there was this device …
“Foxwell NT530 PRO for Maserati”

Maserati Quattroporte Bj.2008 service interval reset tool review


As already mentioned, with the Maserati you can
read out the data of the engine control and the fault memory there with a simple OBD program, as with all other manufacturers .
This is “standardized”.
Access to the other control units, such as airbag, ABS, xenon, CAN-BUS, etc., is then really
only possible with “special” diagnostic programs.
So there would be Leonardo, Texa, etc. but they also all cost well over 1,000 €.
The “original” Maserati diagnostic device is not available for free sale :).

Concerning. the diagnostic programs, actually a shame that there are no “other” versions,
because there are perfectly capable programs on the network that write diagnostic programs, such as for Alfa / Fiat / Lanica / Chrysler.
Call yourself AlfOBD or MultiEcuscan and cost 50 €, plus the matching OBD adapter for around 50 € and you can
do almost everything from home with the laptop that even the “friendly” one can do.
Even key programming goes with it 🙂
(I have to access my Alfa-Romeo and Fiat vehicles)

Jochen, I’m really curious to
see if it works .. If it would work if I could, I could do the ~ 80km (easy way) to the next “authorized” Masereti dealer
“save” and have the service carried out by my current “friendly” one.
This is still the only “sticking point” that prevents me from buying a Maserati 🙂


reset the service interval and other access to existing systems, besides the friendly (here Maserati workshop) also a free workshop.
Provided that it has a “special” diagnostic device (eg Leonardo, Texa, or similar).
Ie call there and ask if you have the appropriate equipment.

basically, two systems are installed in the car ..

System 1, which everyone can access ..
– the engine control unit (ECU)
It has an “open” international data standard. So you can
read and delete the fault memory of the ECU (and sometimes also ABS & airbag) with the simplest devices (eg OBD adapter approx. 15 € and “Freeware” diagnostic program, even for Android / IOS is available) .
What next to me, also the ADAC, AVD, the TÜV, etc. also do ..;)

System 2: Manufacturer’s own system, to which only “he” has access.
They have their own developed “communication” and security.
Whether this is due to the “secretiveness”, data protection, theft protection, what-ever, the manufacturer, no idea.

everyone, really everyone, can read out the ecu ..
Access to the other control units is only possible with “manufacturer” own or “replica” devices.

Ie check the independent workshop beforehand whether you have the appropriate diagnostic devices and tools.

Btw. and that applies not only to Maserati, but to all manufacturers. Everyone “cooks” their own “menu” here.
That is why, for example, the “Diesel Gate” could remain undetected for so long because the control unit was “specially coded” and only VW had the coded devices to read out.

“In the past”, when little or no electronics were installed in the car, every “capable” & trained
mechanic could “screw” on the vehicles.
Today, today it’s only 50%the other 50% is electronics, which causes problems for the mechatronics engineer ..


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Maserati Quattroporte Bj.2008 service interval reset tool review