Looking for diagnostic scanner for 2015 Jaguar XE petrol

Foxwell NT510 is the good diagnostic scanner for 2015 Jaguar XE petrol. Read my experience in the below parts.

Looking for diagnostic scanner for 2015 Jaguar XE petrol

I asked:

Could you please verify this information for me I am looking for a diagnostic scanner for my 2015 Jaguar XE petrol

  1. I have been told that if i bought the Foxwell NT510 I would have to buy soft wear for it to read my car
  2. Can diagnostic tool downloads be done via Bluetooth or wireless from a PC, Laptop or tablet
  3. What other NT diagnostic readers would be compatible for my car and what diagnostic items do they cover
  4. Do you do free shipping to the UK


FoxwellTool.com emailed me saying:

Good day!

Here are answers to your questions

  1. The Foxwell NT510 would come with one free software, you can download it free online, but for additional car brand software, you need to pay additional.


  1. The software updates can be done on Windows PC via USB. After you download it, you just need to put the SD card back into the device and it will work alone without pc.


  1. If you need it just for Jaguar, we recommend the NT510 which cover the most diagnostic functions.


  1. Yes, we offer free shipping to UK by DHL. You can directly purchase here:



Best regards!



Contact phone: #+86 18659298639 #(Whatsapp)


Considering the answers are informative and helpful, I decided to order one Foxwell NT510 with Jaguar / Land Rover software.


Overall, I am happy with foxwelltool.com service and what Foxwell NT510 can work. It can reset the service interval on Jaguar and Range Rover.

For other service and reset functions, refer to Foxwell NT510 function list.


Good Luck!

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Looking for diagnostic scanner for 2015 Jaguar XE petrol