Have a workshop to repair all makes, which Foxwell scanner tool recommended?

I have one car service center (workshop) and repairing all kind of cars, I am wondering if any one of Foxwell scanner tool meets my need, then email to foxwelltool.com, the salesperson recommended me Foxwell GT80 or GT80plus considering it cover as much as car brand with full function, it provides professional diagnosis on more than 59 American, Asian and European vehicle makes.

Have a workshop to repair all makes, which Foxwell scanner tool recommended?

After one month negotiation with the salesperson, I paid $1900 on one Foxwell GT80 plus with one free Foxwell NT1001 TPMS Trigger Tool, delivery by DHL(they say GT80 Has exactly same function as GT80 Plus, the only difference is their appearance and GT80 is not built in with battery, and GT80 is at the half price). At present I am very happy with it.


I use Foxwell GT80 plus successfully test these car makes and function:

Foxwell GT80 TPMS programming ok, but only program TPMS ECU to indentify new sensor.

Has oscilloscope feature and tools for sale in foxwelltool.com.

2010 BMW 335d reset Battery configuration ok (Foxwell NT4021 is ok too)

2003 Volvo S40 Air Bag code reading/reset ok

Be able to read/reset more than just the P codes.

ABS is nice to have

BMWs and Volvos reset service reminders ok, and other more brands ok.

Allow for changing settings such as “close window from key fob” ok


Ferrari car model test ok

Built in with WIFI, and it can connect to the computer via the extra WIFI, then test the common Rail pressure and print data via the APP on the computer.


And fail to test:

Program blank sensor fail

BMW e46 M3’s coding an SMG car to a manual fail


An episode:

I got lost my test cable and obd adapter, I messaged to foxwellshop and receive reply saying I need pay a new one since GT80 plus scanner uses its unique cable not the standard, the main test cable sales for 22.99USD free shipping by post service and the OBD2 Connector for 12.99usd free shipping by post.


GT80 plus language reset:

I could set GT80 Plus language from English to French (French is my local language), at first I thought the function is different from one to another because the different language, actually I was wrong. I even asked the samesperson if I can set the language from one to another for several times and I was told it is possible but not suggested to do because every time I change the language I need to update before use it which will bring some trouble.

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Have a workshop to repair all makes, which Foxwell scanner tool recommended?