Foxwell NT630 ABS & Airbag Reset Tool user guide for beginner

Got Foxwell NT630 ABS & Airbag Reset Tool for the first time, you will need to follow below guide to operate before troubleshooting ABS and SRS.


Foxwell NT630 Software updates

This tool comes with free software updates for 18 months from the date of purchase.

To apply software updates to the tool you will need a Windows PC/Laptop and an SD Card Reader.

If we have sufficient time between your order being placed and being shipped, we will often install the latest available updates for you on the day the order is shipped.


Foxwell NT630 Registration part 1 – Create an account

You firstly need to create an account with Foxwell and register your tool.

This can be done through the FoxScanner update software, which can be downloaded for free from the

Just select your tool from the list Updates page and follow the instructions to download the latest version of FoxScanner.


The file downloaded will be a compressed zip file. Open that file and run the installer inside it.

Please note: The installer will sometimes try to install FoxScanner to the D:\ drive. In most cases you will need to change this to C:\


Once installed, open the FoxScanner software.

Click the Register button and complete the registration page to create your Foxwell account.


Foxwell NT630 Registration part 2 – Add your tool to the account

To register NT630 tool, you will need the tool’s Serial Number and ‘Register Password’.

You can find these on the tool by selecting Setup > About.


When logged into FoxScanner, click the ‘Register Products’ icon.

On the ‘S/N Registration’ tab, put a tick in the box marked ‘001’ then select NT630 tool in the Part Number column.

Enter the product’s serial number and password, then click Submit.

A confirmation box should be shown confirming successful registration.


Foxwell NT630 Updating Foxwell NT630:

Now close the FoxScanner software, remove the SD card from your tool (making sure the tool is turned off first!) and connect it to the PC via an SD card reader.

Please note: Due to the expanding coverage of the NT630, to install all available updates you will need an 8GB SD Card.

Tools supplied before June 2016 will have been supplied with a 4GB card.

So long as you are still within your 18 month update period you can run the update procedure listed below with a new, blank 8GB card.


We recommend re-formatting new 8GB SD cards to the FAT32 file system, with an “Allocation unit size” of 4096 bytes before applying the software updates.

Once Windows has detected the SD card, run the FoxScanner software and login again. click the ‘My Updates’ button.

After a few seconds, a list of the available software updates will appear.

Ensure that the correct serial number is displayed in the drop-down list.

Click the Update button to download and install available updates.


Please note: the Foxwell NT630 update process can take a long time. If your tool has not been updated recently, it may take a few hours for the update process to complete. Once the update has completed, don’t forget to ‘safely remove’ the SD card in Windows before unplugging it, to avoid the possibility of data corruption.



Once your initial 18 months of free updates expire, the tool will continue to work – it will not ‘time out’ – but you will no longer be able to access the update server.

Should you wish to continue updating your Foxwell NT630, you will need to purchase an update package, which will give you a further 12 months of access to the update servers.

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Foxwell NT630 ABS & Airbag Reset Tool user guide for beginner