Foxwell NT530 GM Scanner Review: Worked, Bi-directional

Foxwell NT530 for GM All-System OBD2 Bi-Directional scanner is worth to own, it can do what you paid. Read the following Foxwell NT530 GM reviews.

Foxwell NT530 GM Scanner Review: Worked, Bi-directional

  1. Great value and gets the job done beyond well

Make sure before buying you buy the correct scanner preprogrammed with your car.
If your car isn’t already on the MicroSD, you can download the Fox Assist program on a computer and buy the download off the appropriate Foxwell website.
These can go from 60 to 100 dollars.
After that it works really well. Have very understandable instructions for each special function.
Bought Foxwell NT530 to do a crankshaft variation relearn on a Chev Mali 09.
Preformed it with no difficulty and learned a lot more with this tool.

Would recommend for someone who wants a device to use for older and future cars, gives good readings and reliability, and don’t want to pay the expensive cost for a subscription or pad scanner.


  1. Can reset full composition or alcohol percent on GMC or Chevy

I have 2011 GMC running high negative fuel trim LTFT -25 both banks. After doing research found that a high alcohol percent was the cause my truck is a flex fuel. This seems common. I needed to be able to reset fuel composition and most DIY scanners does not have this function. Foxwell NT530 scanner does and ar a reasonable price under 200. You have be sure that you are buying the scanner with the GM chip. This is the only down fall. You have t by specific programming capabilities for your make of vehicle. Over all completely happy. Scanner is on the more advance side so it may take a few minutes to work through and it does scan a bit slower… but did the job.


  1. Great and handy tool for the money!

I personally changed a transfer/motor on my truck. Would not go into 4×4 mode. Changed the switch as well. Instead of going to the stealership I thought I’d try Foxwell NT530 scanner. Wow! did a relearn and my truck worked finally. Did a relearn on my Camaro SS. Did a Fuel pump/BTM relearn on my Silverado. And a Throttle body relearn after I converted my v6 truck to a v8. Best tool to have if you own Chevrolet vehicles. Very pleased with what it can do. Amazed actually….


  1. individual cylinder misfire

One thing I dislike is not having a home screen menu button. However this is something I can deal with for the money compared to a GM Tech 2. Foxwell NT530 does the job and you can see individual cylinder misfire even though the ECM doesn’t log it or logs it as random. Crankshaft position relearn is also available. This is a dealer service scanner.


  1. Bi-directional!

Foxwell NT530 is very easy to use with bi-directional controls for my Chevy. I bought it do a crankshaft variation relearn and it does that and more. Very happy with product.


  1. crank shaft sensor relearn

This Foxwell NT530 worked great and easy to use. It had the capability to do a crank shaft sensor relearn and read the camshaft retard offset on my Chevy Suburban. Recommend this tool.


  1. 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 2WD

Learning curve but once you figure out where to find the information needed, pretty intuitive

1999 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 2WD
I was able to calibrate the fuel gauge
. Check computer calculated MPH to speedometer to my GPS speed. Check transmission and body codes. Check CMP retard and adjust to 0. It did recognize my Tahoe’s VIN. I recommend Foxwell NT530 to someone who does not want to pay a small fortune for diagnostic tool.
Added 2/25/21 Was able to do a crankshaft relearn procedure. Easy update to latest software.


  1. a CKP and TPS re learn on a 2010 Silverado

I like the price, what it can do free updates and the fact you can add software for other brands too. I used Foxwell NT530 to do a CKP and TPS re learn on a 2010 Silverado.


  1. Easy to use, and works

The whole reason I got Foxwell NT530 was to figure out the traction control issue on the Pontiac torrent. Not only did this tell me which sensor it was, but helped fix other sensors that needed to learn from an ecu replacement. I didn’t expect that. It does so much more than I expected. Saved me so much money I’d have to have spent at a mechanic. It’s worth it.


  1. Worked!

I thought Foxwell NT530 would work for GM cars only, which is why I bought it. I also have a 2012 ford so I plugged it in to see if it would work and it did! Found out what my check engine light was for and now I’m going to fix it and save a TON of money. Thing paid for itself with all the money I saved fixing my own car. You definitely have to have automotive knowledge to use the scanner but it’s not that hard.


  1. 1999 C5 Corvette, Removed F45 Option without a problem

Foxwell NT530 GM works like a GM Tech 2 in my 1999 C5 Corvette.
This worked right out of the box. I contacted Foxwell with my VIN and they said the unit would work, and it did. Looks small but it is very readable and easy to use. Display is very high quality. Comes with a padded protective case.


Alright, where to order one decent Foxwell NT530 for GM Multi-System Scanner, here you go:

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Foxwell NT530 GM Scanner Review: Worked, Bi-directional