Foxwell NT520 reviews on Freelander 2 diagnosis

Looking for Freelander 2 diagnostic tool, Foxwell NT520 is ideal choice.


User’s reviews speak louder than words:


  1. I have the Foxwell 520 and have used it on my CRV I like it very much. It can be used for up to 5 different makes at an add on cost. I paid just under $50 for the Landrover download

    I am planning to pick up a FL2 this weekend, will let you know how the 520 performs.


The Fl2 came home with us this morning and I spent an hour with the 520 code reader. It works fine for me, Lots of tests and re-calibrations on the 520 menu.


it can pull out generic and modular fault codes and show PIDs in real time also it will reset a lot of the modular settings but will not write to the CCF.
However it being the end of the shooting season I have raided my beating money piggy bank and bought the Gap BT tool.


The iiDBT…………It works well. I can tweek some of the features in the CCF and save the CCF file for reloading if I need to. Plus there a a few extra modular teeks with the tool but as far as I can that is the only real advantage over the Foxwell 520.


The iiDBT website shows a very comprehensive list of what can be accessed and changed.


My thinking is why have one scanner when you can have two. The Foxwell nt520 and the iiDBT.

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Foxwell NT520 reviews on Freelander 2 diagnosis