FOXWELL NT520 PRO Porsche specific software FAQ & Feedback

FOXWELL NT520 PRO for Porsche is already released for some days, some frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) as well as feedback are worth to put together for the coming users reading, I think.


Here we go

  1. FOXWELL NT520 PRO for Porsche FAQ

Q: Does this scan tool reset airbag light ??

A:  Airbag system reset is a feature of this tool.


Q: Will Foxwell NT520 reset the airbag light on a 986 Boxster?

A: Yes it can


Q: Will the foxwell change factory settings, ie, turning on the obc function on 986 boxtster?

A: No, it can´t do this


Q: Will this work with my 2009 Boxster? Need to reset airbag light due to battery completely drained recently.

A: Yes it works on the Boxster and you can reset the Airbags


Q: Will the foxwell nt510 help me to do a complete brake fluid flush and bleed on a 1999 porsche 986 with abs/traction control/5 speed manual trans ??

A: Sorry, ABS bleeding is not supported for the 986 Boxster


  1. FOXWELL NT520 PRO for Porsche feedback


Where to get cheap working FOXWELL NT520 PRO that has specific software for Porsche?


Price: $249.00 & FREE Shipping



Cheaper from authorized dealer:



  1. I came across this Foxwell reader that has specific software for Porsche. Looking at the modules it works with and what it can do, it appears to have functional equivalence to Durametric, and it is self-contained. It also does not have a VIN limitation. All for $155.

It is way more convenient than having to use a Durametric cable with a Laptop !


  1. After reading about how some of the scanners can do this or that I was a little skeptical about the ability of an inexpensive one doing all that it claimed. Well this is the one. It came loaded with the vehicle software (in my case Porsche 986 Boxster), and right out of the box it did exactly what it was supposed to do. It thoroughly read and diagnosed the complete system and gave me the system that had a fault, (in my case airbag) and erased the code. It was my fault the code was there, I had done some work on the car and did not disconnect the battery. So anyway this is a great diagnostic tool to have in your tool box.
  2. I purchased this tool primarily to reset oil service light on our ’15 Cayenne Diesel. After first updating the software to the latest version it worked great. Looking forward to testing all th features and also trying it on our ’02 996.


  1. Powerful code reader

This code reader is perfect for the home mechanic. I own two Porsches so I bought the Porsche specifics version. You can also buy other vehicle modules online for about $60. I also own a couple of Chevy’s so I will probably get that module too. Ready to use and detailed information. Seems to have good online support.


I think I will keep update for more …..


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FOXWELL NT520 PRO Porsche specific software FAQ & Feedback