Foxwell nt520 Mercedes Benz 2005 E320 SBC activation good experience

Car: 2005 E320 Base Sedan, Gas, Left Hand drive, 200k miles +
I replaced the hydraulic accumulator on my SBC unit since it was showing no pressure and throwing the standard ‘Pressure Reservoir Faulty’ error, C2131. I used a Foxwell NT520, fully updated, to disable SBC. This worked perfectly and there was only a tiny spray of fluid when I removed the old accumulator. The new one went on fine.
The problem I’m having is re-activating SBC. I’m following the very basic instructions that come up on the machine as best as I can, but it gets to a spot where it shows the pressures of the four brakes sitting over 60 bar. It sits there showing those pressures and gives no option to continue, just options to pause, show graphs of the pressure, and save. Pausing does nothing but pause the display changes. Graphs show graphs, and save saves the numbers and never stops. Enter does nothing, so after pressing Back, a new code shows up that SBC is disabled and I have to use a different box to clear it. C2131 still shows up, but my box shows pressure in the accumulator around 120 bar.

Foxwell nt520 Mercedes Benz 2005 E320 SBC activation good experience

Apparently it was detecting some air. I deactivated SBC this afternoon, tried to reactivate, let it sit at the pressures screen for about 10 minutes, then ran the bleed function again without actually opening up the bleed valves. This reactivates SBC. I then rolled around an open parking lot looking at pressures and RPM indicators. They all worked. The C2131 error would not clear, but lo and behold, this evening the brake message disappeared at startup and at shutdown. It may be that some air was in the system or the error had to go away internally for some time/miles before it would erase.

Either way, I’m happy. Now to get the headlight assembly replaced, swap out the driver’s side arm rest on the door, and eventually get the passenger WSS fixed so the SRS light will stop and I can trust that the airbag will deploy.


So Foxwell NT520 Benz scanner is able to bleed the brakes after opening the system.

Might be a contender for your shop…


Credits to the member GPF from forum .

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Foxwell nt520 Mercedes Benz 2005 E320 SBC activation good experience