Foxwell NT520 Land Rover Discovery II feedback

Have Land Rover Discovery II to diagnose, coding, programming etc, and interested in Foxwell NT520, what can Foxwell NT520 do for Land Rover Discovery II? Here a part of feedback.


Let’s start with one question and one answer:

Question: Can Foxwell NT520 do all of these tasks:

  1. Program a key FOB I picked up from a salvage yard
    2. Send the mileage from the BCU to a donor instrument panel I installed.
    3. Reset all values from the ECU since I just did a top end rebuild.
    4. Diagnose my 3 amigos.
    Or is Nanocom the only option?



In the future I’ll purchase a Nanocom but if the NT520 is anything like my Foxwell NT510
1. No. It won’t reprogram the Disoc 2 fobs.. or at least I couldn’t get mine to work with it.

  1. I did notice that there is an option to change the VIN for the BCU so that might help you with the donor instrument panel.

There’s a setting in the BCU menu to enable/disable the odometer error warning (flashing). You can probably disable it with your Foxwell.

Foxwell NT520 Land Rover Discovery II feedback

  1. Yes. Foxwell NT520 has options to reset the adaptions for the ECU and ECM.
  2. Yes. I’ve done this on my friend’s Disco 2 since I don’t get the 3 amigos fault anymore.
  3. Might I add it’s excellent for modular and power bleeding the ABS, viewing & resetting fault codes, changing the EKA code and viewing live data.


And more…

read/clear all codes

activate all systems (yes, ABS, ACE, etc.)

read and program a new EKA code for your driver-side lock+key

program remote fob keys (well, maybe)

Change the VIN of your Disco2 recorded in your various ecus such as transmission, BCU, ECM, etc.

Clear all “adaptive” values such as your long term fuel values (extremely useful if you have changed any emissions components including O2’s, fuel injectors, spark plugs, etc.).


Successfully turn off the 3 amigos as well as bleed modulate the ABS pump. I just had 2 new calipers put on and all new rotors and we bled the brakes the old school way and since then I have had the 3 amigos , first few times I could clear them by restarting the car but then finally the ABS just stopped working altogether and the lights stayed on.


Does ABS bleeds and Power Bleeds on Discovery II. Amazing to be able to bleed the lines without a helper!


Land Rover Discovery 2 2001 (L318) 2.5 TD5…OK


What Foxwell NT520 can’t do for Discovery II so far:

This Foxwell NT510 scanner was a little tough for me to install the Land Rover specific files on to but that is mostly due to me being a mac user and had to use an old Windows laptop of that was my wife’s to get it completed. The struggle was worth it !


The above feedback doesn’t include all, you can refer to

Foxwell NT520 Land Rover function list:


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Foxwell NT520 Land Rover Discovery II feedback