Foxwell NT520 BMW E46 E90 review: with installed software

I just got one Foxwell NT520 BMW scanner who loaded all of the most current software for the scanner and is BMW/Mini/Rolls Royce capable. It is quick, slick and reliably finds faults.

I have used it on my e46 and my e90. The screens are intuitive and it feels well built. I don’t know if it is a shop quality tool in terms of endurance but it sure seems a perfect weekend warrior tool.
Added bonus, my seller was $159 free shipped. The scanner was registered to the vendor but he left a number to message to request it be reset. My account works and my scanner is registered in my name now. I am not sure if the mods want us to link or list sellers but PM me and I will provide the info.

I will likely add the Audi software next and use it on my B8 A4.

So far, I love it.


*A few things to note if you need this scanner.

This is the link I bought it from for $159 and free shipping (October on sale price):

This vendor is authorized dealer for 3 years.

The vendor has is US warehouse.

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Foxwell NT520 BMW E46 E90 review: with installed software