Foxwell NT510 Toyota Lexus Scion VS TIS Techstream V12.00.127

Paid $155 on one Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner, create a Foxwell ID through official site, register my scanner, update my scanner to the newest version, then download Toyota, Lexus and Scion car brand software (referring to  the NT510 user manual).

Foxwell NT510 Toyota Lexus Scion VS TIS Techstream V12.00.127

Hook foxwell NT510 up to the Toyota one by one, all are good, Very impressed with its service and maintenance performance (special functions) i.e coding, abs bleeding, battery register, DPF, injector correction and so on, so it not only do basic OBD diagnostic.

Foxwell NT510 Toyota Lexus Scion VS TIS Techstream V12.00.127

Moreover, Foxwell NT510 is handheld scanner, all my diag tools (i.e Toyota TIS Techstream) are laptop based and it’s a bit of a pain dragging the laptop out and waiting for it to boot up, so having a standalone tool like this for quick & dirty diagnosis & resets would be pretty good.

Below are the comparison between  Foxwell NT510 Toyota Lexus Scion and Toyota TIS Techstream V12.00.127 in the terms of functions.

Part 1: Foxwell NT510 achieved:

Test most and all good, so I consider Foxwell engineers are the guys of their words. Here I attach here the supplier’s pdf, which are comprehensive including all the tested functions: ECU info, reade codes, erase codes, live data, freeze fram, active test and special function.
Foxwell NT510 Toyota Function List (5 pages in total)
Foxwell NT510 Lexus Function List (5 pages in total)
Foxwell NT510 Scion Function List (6 pages in total)

Tips: the guy promised I am allowed to add up to 5 car brands as I like, and they claim the working car brands incl. 1. Chrysler 2. GM 3. Honda, Accura 4. Hyundai, Kia 6. Land Rover, Jaguar 7. OPEL, Vauxhall 8. VW, AUDI, Seat, Skoda 9. BMW , Mini 10. Fiat 11. American Ford 12. Mazda 13. Maserati 14. Ferrari 15. Aston Martin 16. Volvo 17. Porsche.

Foxwell NT510 Toyota Lexus Scion VS TIS Techstream V12.00.127

Therefore, the reason I went for Foxwell NT510 instead of a Techstream is so that when I change my car in future, all I need to do is buy the software for my next car instead of buying a brand new diagnostic kit.

Part 2: Toyota TIS Techstream V12.00.127 reviews:
Toyota TIS Techstream running on Xhorse Mini VCI scanner is a windows-based Toyota scanner. Here a collection of TIS Techstream V12.00.127 reviews.

Foxwell NT510 Toyota Lexus Scion VS TIS Techstream V12.00.127

Foxwell NT510 Toyota Lexus Scion VS TIS Techstream V12.00.127

1. Great success with TechStream today. passenger seat chime disabled; moonroof now opens with windows (both with key in cylinder and holding down button on remote), adjusted rear wiper interval.
2. It works great! I disabled seat belt warnings and enabled window roll down via key FOB very easily.

3. I got rid of the seat belt chime, changed my units of measurement from miles/fahrenheit to km/celcius and turned off the auto door lock feature when shifting out of park.

4. I was able to switch off the damn seatbelt chime in a few short clicks.

5. I’ve just received my mini vci cable and got techstream working on my 2015 TEP.

6. Worked on my 2015 Trail.

7. Techstream works wonders. Can activate different things and change settings on your vehicle. Factory scan tool capability.

8. Techstream for $30 is the Animal you want. I have programmed new keys, cut off steering wheels going up and down when starting and cutting off engine, running lights, etc. Also gives you detailed engine specs. I use it on all 3 of my cars.

9. I only bought the Techstream thing to disable the auto-retracting steering wheel and set all the door locks to open with one button press.

10. Just be aware that at least some of the techstream packages will only run on a 32-bit OS.
The PC can be 64-bit, but the OS must be 32-bit.

11. Installed on a Win7 32bit laptop easily. Reprogrammed the DRL, the auto alarm arm to 60sec, and removed the auto steering wheel telescoping feature. Pretty nice and easy to work with.

12: Hooked it up to a Win XP laptop. It connected to the truck fine and was able to read the ECU data fine.

13. read AHC pressures to correctly crank TBs (4 turns, both sides on original set up @ 116k did the trick) – front pressures now at nominal spec and confirmed rear?springs are a little tired as rear AHC pressure just outside range. A valid pressure test removes a lot of speculation and blind cranking of TB’s on AHC vehicles. And yes, based on hitting my local calibrated speed hump at 30 mph it does dampen better with the correct TB/front pressure loading.

14. reset steering Angle sensor to get rid of annoying 10 degree off centered wheel. Not sure how many alignment places reset the SAS as a matter of course, or if you don’t ask for it specifically. I know my local Firestone does a reasonable alignment in that the truck drives straight, equal turning effort and no uneven tire wear – but the wheel was never centered properly. Only time I had it aligned at the stealer they charged an extra $10, on top of the $129, to reset the SAS.

15. verified yaw and zero yaw sensor values were set to “0”

16. turn off the 3s delayed wipe after using windshield washer.

17. turn on “unlock all doors” with one push on remote (already had manually set lock/unlock on shifting from “P”).

18. adjusted headlight off and interior light delays.

19. ran “vehicle health check” and OBDII live tests to monitor O2 sensor voltages among other things, and won’t be buying replacement sensors (stilloriginal) now. No DTC or MIL, its just that some say 02s need to be replaced as a PM item, and others don’t feel the same way. So until I get a DTC I’ll leave them alone.

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Foxwell NT510 Toyota Lexus Scion VS TIS Techstream V12.00.127