Foxwell NT510 scanner tool VAG specific compare with VAG405 on good and bad

I have the VAG software module installed in my Foxwell NT510 scanner tool now and will be trying to do a mini review and posting this here


This is just to be another option for folks other than VCDS and the VAG401/405 tools. I have the VAG405 tool which is not bad, however, it DOES NOT provide Live/Realtime Data which IMHO is a BAD thing. I believe EVERY tool MUST provide Live/Realtime data.


So here is the good and bad.


The good, my 2003 VW is the primary car I had to deal with and it did not give me many problems that I needed in depth diagnostics for.


The not so good, the 2003 is now 1100 miles away and I will not likely see it for another 2 years. I hope it is somewhat trouble free.


The bad, without really having to use all the advanced features, it is VERY hard to determine if all the more advanced features actually work properly until you really need to use them. So you have to take things at face value and have a leap of faith that Foxwell has done their homework.


I do recall putting the car into some test mode where on or more of the solenoids were cycling so you could make sure each actuator/solenoid is actually working.


Granted you might be able to get VCDS up and running for close the price of the Foxwell tool, there is something good about a more universal tool that can support other models for $60. It is also helpful that you could leave this tool in the car and it takes up very little space. If you had a dedicated computer for VCDS, I assume you could do this as well.


Unclear if the Foxwell is better than the VAG401 or if they are similiar?? Obviously the VAG401 is much cheaper, but I know the Foxwell tool has had a number of updates, usually every 3 months or so to add features and/or correct bugs.

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Foxwell NT510 scanner tool VAG specific compare with VAG405 on good and bad