Foxwell NT510 scanner BMW coding injector feedback and guide

Foxwell NT510 BMW scanner coding injector is a pretty impressive list of functions for such a small unit. I picked one up when it was on sale $145 on

It is very easy and intuitive to use as it guides you through the process. It has access to the TCU and TCU parameters yes.

Here NT510 BMW scanner coding injector feedback:

  • Can code injectors and new battery on 2008 BMW 135i
  • Allow to alignment and calibrate fuel injectors on a 2009 535i N54 engine
  • Drive: Adjust injector ok on:









  • Drive: Fuel injector matching ok on: 1_E81/E82/E87/E88
  • Drive: Fuel injector adaptation ok on: 7_F01/F02/F04

Hasn’t test all, but the supplier list, post their function list for your reference.


Operation Guide:

  1. You have to input all 6 digits together no spaces, someone may only enter 3 digit codes. Also the DME separates the 6 digits code for the injector into two 3 digit pairs automatically. There is a note in the prompts that says the last digit may be altered /adjusted by the DME.

Comprehensive guide:

the DME defaults to a low range of the injectors specs by -/+ 1 of the last digit of the set. That is normal. If you want the full range of the injector spec ie closest to the actual numbers displayed on the injector, then you need to offset entry.

Example, if you enter 477 and the DME changes it to 476, then enter 478 to target 477. If the DME adjusts to 479 then you will have to go back and enter 477 and 476 will be the highest you can go staying within the injector specs and not exceeding it.


  1. If got prompt “the values were not valid” after save, following this guide:

Update the software for NT510 BMW scanner, then select your device first by VIN, it will load a pre profile. Then go back and select your chassis and model manually. Go to service and try entering the values again. You can also try saving each cylinder entry one at a time.

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Foxwell NT510 scanner BMW coding injector feedback and guide