Foxwell NT510 Multi-system Scanner for 2004 Chevy & 2006 VW

This blog summarizes my hesitation process on purchasing foxwell multi-system scanner NT510 for my 2004 Chevy and 2006 VW. Sincerely hope to help friends with the same problem.


Car model and year:

A 2004 chevy 2500HD 8.1L and a2006 VW passat 2.0T


The function I want to realize:

Bi-directional control tests and oil light reset.


The tools I want to buy at first:

Foxwell NT 500 and Foxwell NT644


My problem:

NT500 works well for VW but not the same on Chevy. Does NT644 have the same function as NT500? Can foxwell NT644 do well on both VW and Chevy than foxwell NT500? Or could you recommend other device which is better than NT644 and NT500



Foxwell NT644 has not cover all functions of NT500. There are two functions NT644 cannot realize:SAS and Bi-directional control tests. Our engineer recommends you to try Foxwell NT510.  NT510 support VAG group and GM group, and it covers all functions of NT500.NT510 provides one software for free, and you can buy additional software you need.


My decision at last:

I bought Nt510 finally, and tested the function of oil light reset and bi-directional control test successfully. The operation was not complex for me. In general, my experience with foxwell NT510 was satisfying.


Know more about NT510, you can read this:

Or come to this website:


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Foxwell NT510 Multi-system Scanner for 2004 Chevy & 2006 VW