Foxwell NT510 ok on BMW register new battery, DPF regen and DEF emissions related tests

Pay for Foxwell NT510 and it can register a new battery yourself. Being able to do DPF regen, etc and other DEF and emissions related tests and inquiries is very much a bonus. It is overall a very capable tool and I am glad I bought it. does not support Foxwell NT510, except to register it online and then going through the Foxwell Scanner Software as well as some .pdf manuals. updated Foxwell Scanner software and Guide can be downloaded from that product page. BMW, OBDII, and OS-SOFTWARE Updates were available for my new device. You can not submit a Support Ticket using the Foxwell Scanner Software, because the required “Software” field does not list any drop down menu selections, and it is a required field. You have to go through Foxwell Tech website to submit a support ticket. There is a website, which is the Foxwell Support Blog having lots of useful information, but you won’t find a link on even though does mention


I do not like having to remove the micro-SD card (manual says it is CF, but it’s a micro-SD) in order to update the BMW software. The OBDII and OS-SOFTWARE updated without it, but it would have been nice to update the BMW with the supplied mini USB cable.


Personally speaking, the UI isn’t the most intuitive. Various menus scrolling limited to left and right arrows rather than up and down. Option settings start bottom right rather than upper left. Individual features require Enter to check box first, rather than using F3 after you scroll to an item. UI sometimes glitchy with brief freezes, and moving from menu (e.g. using Back) sometimes lags.


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Foxwell NT510 ok on BMW register new battery, DPF regen and DEF emissions related tests