Foxwell NT510 / NT530 is best code reader to reset Disco II 3 Amigos

Question: I’m looking for an inexpensive code reader that will reset the Three Amigos (Land Rover Discovery 2). It has only happened to me once and I was with a large group but is always in the back of my mind. I know there are several out there and am looking for something very basic but that will accomplish that. Thanks.


Experience with the inexpensive code reader:

  1. I bought an Autel 619 for $100. Did the trick for the 3 amigos and it’s nice to have around for the other cars as well!


  1. The cheap diagnostic testers like the Autel 619 and the iCarsoft can clear fault codes for the 3 amigos.
    But if you plan to keep your Disco 2 for awhile invest in a Land Rover specific diagnostic tester like a Foxwell NT510 Elite or NT530 or Nanocom Evolution. Not cheap tho…


  1. icarsoft will work for the 3 amigos but don’t ever rely on it when it comes to the td5 engine cos with that is full of crap, there is one just a bit more expensive which works well with the engine too and also with the BCU for some programming named Foxwell NT530 /NT510 Elite Full System – Land Rover Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool , it’s not so good like nanocom or hawkeye but it does the job better than the ICarsoft … i’ve seen these both live


  1. I had the icarsoft brand but sold it after getting the Foxwell NT510 (now NT530).
    I prefer the Foxwell since I can read codes, clear codes (3 Amigos), reset adaption values and aid in modular bleeding/power bleeding the ABS.
    I use it on my 2001 Disco and my wife’s X5.


  1. Foxwell NT530 does all the basic stuff: gets /clears ABS codes, can change some settings, activate bleed, etc. But getting it to do anything else is a crapshoot and not very intuitive. You def. get what you pay for and for the price it’s no bad.


Good to know:

If you have no idea what specific functions Foxwell NT510 Elite or NT530 will perform, please browse the official site here:

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Foxwell NT510 / NT530 is best code reader to reset Disco II 3 Amigos