Foxwell NT510 feedback on diagnose BMW Mini MAP sensor, bleed abs, coding

I bought the Foxwell NT510 to used on BMW, a while back when I needed to diagnose a convertible top failure. It was helpful and did the job. Nowhere can I find any fuctionality that will allow programming of the convenience functions but for me, that’s not a big deal. NT510 tool does just about everything else, though. It pretty much paid for itself when I was dealing with my top malfunctions and then, more recently, when I was experiencing a hesitation in accelleration it diagnosed a bad MAP sensor which I replaced myself. That alone more than paid for the tool.

Very satisfied.


There is another program, I forget what it’s called, that does do the coding for the convenience features on the 2nd gen and later. At least that’s my recollection.

For my car, a first gen full JCW cab, it pretty much does none of those. But that’s fine. Foxwell NT510 does many other things that regular OBDII scanners won’t do. Like tickling the ABS pump for bleeding brakes, reading fault codes in the body, including the convertible top, etc.

As for the MAP sensor, it was the one on the intake side of the supercharger. It’s located on a bracket just to the right of the cylinder head. (On a first gen.) I forgot what the code fault read like, but it was obvious it needed replacing after doing the scan. 150 bucks (ouch) but I already had the tool and replacing. it’s just an activate function for the pump. Haven’t actually tried it yet but it’s there and the folks at foxwelltool assure me that it works.

As for the bleeding procedure, refer to this:


NT510 will clear the ABS, i just used it one Gen1 and Gen 2. The adaptation thing is for certain models. Also it will find stored codes and codes in the HVAC system, Footwell module, window faults etc..

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Foxwell NT510 feedback on diagnose BMW Mini MAP sensor, bleed abs, coding