Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner User Feedback

I have been curious about Foxwell products since I came across mentioned of it. I had myself rushed and purchased one Foxwell NT500 VAG scanner. The package finally delivered two weeks ago via DHL in my hands including a main NT500 unit, a memory card, a USB cable, a diagnostic cable and Nylon Carry Pouch, most importantly a manual book.
I already had several chances to hook it up my vehicles and check its functions in the past two weeks. It is my time to give some comment on this lovely Foxwell NT500 scanner.
I have three vehicles, 2005 Fox, 2008 Passat CC and 2009 Audi A8. I had made research to ensure it can work on my vehicle as long as it was not made before 1996 and it was one of VAG vehicle makes.
There are many options on the function menu
-Read Codes
-Freeze Frame Data
-Erase Data
-Custom List
-Active Test
-Advanced ID
Much appreciation was given to the user manual it came with, so much detail information and step-by-step instruction guide. Actually, its intelligent design makes it not difficult to carry out performance.
Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner User Feedback
NT500 scanner let me to clear all current and stored DTCs from ABS and SRS control model. It is compatible with as easy as 1-2-3 with large TFT color screen which displayed fully ECU information. I also tested O2 sensor and some component, no problem. Yesterday, I even realized a new tech. I had my Audi A8s brake pad thickness reset.
Every time I saw its function are limited to the level, but it just never stops to surprise me.
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Foxwell NT500 VAG Scanner User Feedback