Foxwell GT80 Plus scanner review: shipped from US & does what it says

Foxwell GT80 plus scanner arrived me after paid on, delivery by UPS only takes 3 days because they have one piece in their US warehouse. I am happy with them also because Emilia gave me a discount and I paid no tax, I paid by Paypal with paypal invoice. Very pleased with the scanner, works brilliantly and updated fine. A++

GT80 plus unit is solid and boast most features needed in a medium to ultra diagnostic tool.

Foxwell GT80 Plus scanner review: shipped from US & does what it says

Tips: Foxwell GT80 plus and Foxwell GT80, which one better?

I was told Foxwell GT80 plus and Foxwell GT80 are 99.9% the same, their differences are: 1) Different product shell; 2) GT80 plus can be powered by either internal batter or 8-18 Volts vehicle battery, while GT80 has no built-in internal battery.

Read Comparison table between Foxwell GT80 plus and foxwell GT80

Foxwell GT80 plus, GT80 and GT80 mini comparison table

I chose GT80 plus because of its better at higher price. Foxwell GT80 plus does what it says, and model support is extensive incl. Ferrari, Jaguar, Land Rover etc.

Foxwell GT80 good test report:

1998 jeep wrangler OK

2015 glk 250 OK

2015 charger and 2013 eclipse

Benz e320 4matic 2000 chasy reset SRS OK

Ford EU (IMV adaptation, FIP adaptation…..) OK

Can code and program control modules: OK

Works on Automatic gearbox: Ok

Airbag reset including reading seatbelt and resetting of the code for them: OK

program keys ok but depend on the car model and year.

sensor test: OK


Malaysia cars: OK


Proton Perdana 1997 or it same with mitsubishi galant in Japan

Proton wira 1997 or it is a same model with mitsubishi lanser 4g93 in Japan

Volvo S80 2002

Ford laser 1995

Ford focus 200

BMW e36 1997

Benz E220 1996

Daihatsu MOVE 2001

Audi A6 1998


The latest version of the car up to BMW X6, benz A180 1.6 2016, BMW 330e 2017…OK


Claimed Foxwell GT80 plus coverage


Foxwell GT80 plus bad test report:

-Asian dump truck and heavy equipment…fail

-had an issue with the early model Range Rovers, as coverage is limited, but will still read and reset engine codes.

Also, as the GT80 is essentially just a windows tablet, I am running the specialist Range Rover tools on there as well, so still makes life easier.


Tips on using foxwell gt80 plus

  1. Foxwell GT80 update on
  2. The wifi connection is ok
  3. It’s global version, even cover middle east car, Malaysia cars etc.
  4. GT80 use standard 16pin cable


Very pleased with my investment.

Here I’d like to thank Emilia for her nice service.

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Foxwell GT80 Plus scanner review: shipped from US & does what it says