Foxwell GT80 Plus is verified able to do DPF on multibrand cars

Foxwell GT80 Plus is able to do DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) on a multibrand cars including Opel Vauxhall, Acura, Alfa, Audi, Bentley, BENZ-Sptinter, Bugatti, Chrysler, FIAT, fordeu, Honda, Jaguar, Lancia, Landrover, Lexcus, Maybach, Mitsubishi, Scion,Seat, Skoda, Toyota, Vauxhall, VOLVO and VW.


To make sure if Foxwell GT80 Plus can do DPF function on your car brand / models / years, please download this attachment:

Please note: more car brands will be tested and add DPF function.

But please make sure you get one original Foxwell GT80 Plus from an authorized dealer i.e, all of foxwell tools from site is 18-months free update, and one-year warranty.


This attachment contains following car brands’ function list:

Foxwell GT80 -Opel_Vauxhall_Function_List.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Acura_Function List_V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Alfa_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Audi_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Bentley_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_BENZ-Sptinter_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Bugatti_Functionlist_V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Chrysler_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_FIAT_Functionlist_V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_fordeu_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Honda_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Jaguar_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Lancia_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Landrover_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Lexcus_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Maybach_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Mitsubishi_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Scion_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Seat_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Skoda_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Toyota_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_Vauxhall_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_VOLVO_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf

Foxwell GT80_VW_Functionlist-V1.00.pdf


Take an example, here a sreeshoot from Benz Sprinter DPF function:

Foxwell GT80 Plus is verified able to do DPF on multibrand cars

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Foxwell GT80 Plus is verified able to do DPF on multibrand cars