Foxwell F1000B: an In-depth review by a mechanic

There are many battery analyzers in the market, and sometimes it can be challenging to choose one. This is because there is a lot of misleading info all over the net. However, worry not, we have something for you.

Foxwell F1000B is a battery analyzer as well as an OBD scan tool that tests AGM spiral, gel, 12V regular flooded, and AGN flat plate batteries. We will look into it in an unbiased and in-depth manner and finally come up with an informed opinion on its viability.

Foxwell F1000B: an In-depth review by a mechanic

The vehicles Foxwell F1000B can work on

This reader has a range of vehicles that it supports and will operate on in an optimum condition. It supports all OBDII/EOBD compliant cars, hybrids, light-duty trucks, minivans, and SUVs. This includes all vehicles sold in the US and Canada that use gas and diesel that have the OBDII protocol.

Furthermore, all other international modifications and OBDII based alternatives are supported. In summary, all vehicles manufactured and sold in the US in or after 1996 are supported. This is an extensive range of automobiles, and your car is most certainly supported. Thus, unlike other model-restricted testers out there, the F1000B is handy and versatile.

Useful for the annoying check engine light

We all know how the check engine light, also known as CEL, can be annoying. This is especially when you have identified the problem and the light does not reset. It might be because the problem was not that urgent, and you decided to continue driving.

Foxwell F1000B comes in handy when in such situations in that:

  • It reads and identifies the problem in seconds and can help you get rid of the CEL.
  • It allows you to clear codes and reset monitors.

The readable fault codes (which tell you the issues found) are usually the first thing you interact with. The next step, as always, is at the user’s discretion. However, it is advisable to fix the problem before deleting the code to avoid a pile-up of the issues in your car. This is because the tool overrides any code the next time you take a reading.

Live data and graphs

This tool shows live vehicle sensors data both in text and graph formats. It has a menu that allows you to view and record the current data from the analyzed area of your car or vehicle. With options for both complete and custom data lists, the user can view the full information at once or select segments. Therefore, you can minimize the number of PIDs on the data list and focus on the more worrying data parameters.

Additionally, you can record the data, including live sensor data, anytime you want and save it for off-vehicle review.

The F1000B is advantageous because it has options for viewing multiple data in graphic format at once. This lets you compare and interrogate the issues in your vehicle adequately. You can even merge the graphs if you want to. How cool is that!

Helps you pass emission test

Random and unexpected emission tests can be devastating and costly. The Foxwell F1000B features the extraordinary and patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key. This Keyhelps the user be alert and aware of the vehicle’s emission levels and readies you for quick state emission readiness.

It also has LEDs that feature Red, Yellow and Green colors. The built-in speaker in conjunction with the LED provides visual and audible tones for readiness verification.

Furthermore, it is a user-friendly tool that keeps operations drive-clean. It does not discharge the battery hence does not add to the emission quotient of the vehicle.

Directly test the battery on the car

This innovative tool enables you to test the batteries on the car without removing them directly. Its features allow you to connect the tester directly to the batteries, automatically turning itself on. It is not large or heavy and can fit right next to your batteries without causing a problem.

After that, the navigation process is simple and easy to follow. Anyone can do the test without consulting a professional mechanic. It is multi-functional because you get to choose whether you will do the tests in or out of the car.

Easy to use

Foxwell F1000B comes with a clearly arranged keypad and hotkeys that make it very easy to use. It has menu-driven navigation, which guides the user when operating it. The cherry on top is a multilingual menu, and the test results are in the supported languages.

Some of the supported languages include English, Chinese, German, Russian, French, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Korean. This makes it accessible to a wider variety of people than most analyzers.

Unlike other code readers, Foxwell F1000Bhas pre-installed code definitions that guide the users on the codes it uses to give results. Thus anyone can take results on their own without relying on visiting a shop now and then.

Conclusion: should you buy it?

If you want a cost-effective analyzer that provides affordable, easy, and fast solutions for OBD faults, then you totally should. It is also a must-buy for anyone looking for quick battery status checks.

It has many features that can be of convenience to car owners given that it tests a vast range of batteries. With its multiple rating systems, one can get quick and accurate test result displays.

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Foxwell F1000B: an In-depth review by a mechanic