Foxwell BT705 Feedback: a basic Car Battery Load Tester Analyzer

The importance to own one Foxwell BT705 Car Battery Load Tester Analyzer:

Being a car owner who prefer to diagnose minor car issues by themselves,  Foxwell BT705 12V 24V Battery Analyzer 100-2000 CCA is a ideal tool to diagnose automotive Car and Truck Batteries and Cranking Systems.

This is the primary use for this truck and car battery analyzer, Foxwell BT705 can also detect other minor issues within an automotive for sensors.

It is very important to understand the basics of a car. Oftentimes, owning the simple ability to understand small issues in an automotive can save an owner hundreds of dollars in diagnostic costs.

It is the reason that many car and truck owners today go to invest in some of the basic tools to help them better understand their automotive and the small issues like replacing a battery that can be easily done by most anyone. That is when the use of a Foxwell BT705 Battery and Cranking Analyzer can be a great help.


Outlook & interior

Foxwell BT705 automotive battery tester analyzer is used to do accurate and clear analysis for battery diagnostic as well as cranking diagnostics. It is able to readily test batteries from 12V to 24V powered batteries.

The system will accurately analyze the overall condition of a battery and the charging systems of the battery. The Foxwell BT705, features as a digital battery analyzer, it’s read-out is very easy to understand.

At just about 120USD this lightweight battery tester analyzer is fine for carrying around. It has a clear screen, large keypad, and a durable outer casing. It has a compact design that is ergonomic for ease of use and features sidebands for extra protection against falls. It also features a large backlight LCD display and features a menu-driven operation.

It also has a rubberized sleeve exterior and features quality copper clips. This design aims to ensure stable and safe communications with the battery and cranking systems throughout the testing and analyzing the process.

The system runs on an instantaneous current that decodes the alternator and battery information without time delays. It will readily decode and troubleshoot faulty charging problems.

It reveals precision based data on the status of the battery and charging systems of vehicles ranging from cars to heavy-duty trucks. It provides a clear printout and lives feed data in a matter of seconds that is accurate and informative.

Foxwell BT705 Feedback: a basic Car Battery Load Tester Analyzer


Multi-lingual menu: It has an easy to understand interface menu in multiple languages. The primary languages include English, Spanish, French, and German.

Mini Bluetooth Printer: BT705 battery analyzer allows the buyers to get a printer model or a regular model, so that the test results can be readily printed out and kept for records. This great feature also makes it easy to use printouts for getting parts a parts store or communicating with a mechanic.

Foxwell BT705 Feedback: a basic Car Battery Load Tester Analyzer

Battery Tester Results:  There are mainly 5 battery results followed with descriptions. Results include No Problems, No Output, Low Output, High Output and Excessive Ripple.

Cranking Tester Results: There are mainly 6 test results for Cranking followed with description. Results for Cranking Include: Cranking Normal, Low Voltage, Charge Battery, Replace Battery, No Start and Cranking Skipped.

Readout Results: Test analysis results are ready in seconds and can be obtained by in-vehicle battery testing or out of vehicle testing.


Foxwell BT705 Feedback Yes & No:

  1. So far really like this tester. I just received it and only used it once. Tested battery CCA and Charging circuit. The charging circuit test has you ideal/rev with no load and same test with load (lights, fan, radio etc.) while in park. Pretty cool. Will update if I find any problems with it but by the feel and look of it this will be a long lasting tester.
  1. I work at a Lexus dealership. We have a shop supplied MidTronics battery tester that costs over $1,000. I am incredibly impressed by the features offered on this model for around $100 in comparison. It does all of the same things such as battery tests (via CCA, JIS, ETC), a starter test, and alternator output. Very impressive. Would recommend!


  1. I tested this out on 4 different cars with known good systems and all came back accurate. They either tested bad or charge and retest. The tool is laid out well and the interface is very user friendly. I took this to work and tested numerous battery cores with expected results.


  1. The only downside I see is that the cables may be the weak spot here, they are built into the tool and not detachable. I am not sure if you can get new leads for the unit or not so that could render the unit useless prematurely.


  1. The manual was written well with easy to understand instructions.


  1. BT705+ Bluetooth Printer: Tester is simple and easy to use/set up. Printer battery is typical of latest technology batteries was difficult to get its first charge established but now works well. Printer is not housed in the tester’s case which exposes it to not being protected. Manufacturer seemed oblivious to needing to protect it. Typical example of marketing types and field users never meeting. Having a printed report for my clients is a nice touch. Being thermally printed it will be copied to preserve it. Handy.


To be continued…..

Foxwell Bt705 FAQ

Question: Will Foxwell Bt705 check starter draw? What type of infomation will it give?

Answer: I have run Foxwell Bt705 test only one time since I got mine so haven’t explored all of its functionality yet. The starter test gives the voltage while cranking, cranking time until start and an ok or faulty reading if I recall correctly.


Question: is the power pack for the bluetooth printer 220 volts or 110 and does Foxwell Bt705 need an adapter for usa sockets?

Answer: the power adapter input: 100-240VAC 0.7A 50/60HZ, output: 9V-2000mA. And the power adapter in the US Macket is UL CSA.


Question: Will Bt705 accurately load test atv batteries?

Answer: Yes, it can accurately load test car batteryes.


Question: So can i also use Bt705 with the car running in order to see if the alternator is charging the battery? and is there a way to use to test starter?

Answer: Yes, you can view the charging status while running, but it will not test the starter. Best way to test the starter is using an inductive amp clamp…so that means buying another tool.

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Foxwell BT705 Feedback: a basic Car Battery Load Tester Analyzer