Foxwell Bt705 Car Battery Tester Questions & Answers about what it works

Here is a collection of 4 pieces of Foxwell Bt705 Car Battery Tester Questions & Answers. Hope it enlighten you if you are confused about what it works and not works. PS: more mainly questions and answers will follow in the following days.


Question: Will Foxwell Bt705 check starter draw? What type of infomation will it give?

Answer: I have run Foxwell Bt705 test only one time since I got mine so haven’t explored all of its functionality yet. The starter test gives the voltage while cranking, cranking time until start and an ok or faulty reading if I recall correctly.


Question: is the power pack for the bluetooth printer 220 volts or 110 and does Foxwell Bt705 need an adapter for usa sockets?

Answer: the power adapter input: 100-240VAC 0.7A 50/60HZ, output: 9V-2000mA. And the power adapter in the US Macket is UL CSA.


Question: Will Bt705 accurately load test atv batteries?

Answer: Yes, it can accurately load test car batteryes.


Question: So can i also use Bt705 with the car running in order to see if the alternator is charging the battery? and is there a way to use to test starter?

Answer: Yes, you can view the charging status while running, but it will not test the starter. Best way to test the starter is using an inductive amp clamp…so that means buying another tool.

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Foxwell Bt705 Car Battery Tester Questions & Answers about what it works