Foxwell 510 Elite Read BMW 535XI Transmission Fault code

2008 BMW 535XI Transmission Slipping and shifts to 3rd and won’t leave 3rd gear … Received Foxwell 510 Elite BMW code reader to read the trouble code EGS 6HPTU Transmission Control Fault and VTG Transfer case Fault.

Car model and year: 2008 BMW 535XI



I was driving down the highway about 80mph and suddenly it revs high like it slips and shifts to 3rd and won’t leave 3rd gear. I stopped and restarted the car and it was fine again for a while. however today when I went to try to drive it I can’t go into 3rd gear without it slipping and trying to upshift and it attempting to go back and forth between 5th and 6th gear and the transmission malfunction banner pops back on.


What to do?

Foxwell 510 Elite or NT530 is the most common BMW code reader. RevMax is a company that rebuilds valve bodies for many transmissions and has a very good reputation. I used them for my transmission on my 05 530i last year and have not had an issue since. FCP Euro sells a Mechatronic kit for our transmissions but I would think you better narrow down which transmission first or perhaps visit their site and maybe it will be done for you. Of course all of this is a shot in the dark without codes however more than likely this will fix your problem. In addition you can read the placard on the transmission yourself to get the proper info. All of this is well documented on this forum by performing a search.



I received my Foxwell 510 scanner and pulled the codes yesterday. my transmission is the 6HP19Z transmission. the codes are as follows:

EGS 6HPTU Transmission Control Fault – 4F89/present – EGS: Ratio monitoring gearshift 3-4

VTG Transfer case Fault – VTG Oil wear – ill replace oil when i figure the rest out and get it fixed

Those were the only codes related to the transmission / drivetrain.


The gearshift between 3-4 is where the transmission can’t seem to engage in the gear. it will try to catch and jump a little when it does but immediately slip back out and have a transmission fault locking it in either 2nd or 3rd gear.


What to do next?

I do not believe the 6HP19 and the 6HP21 valve bodies are a direct swap. More importantly the solenoids are the weak point here and are the main reason for the faults in the transmission so in theory why swap one bad unit for possibly another. I guess it all depends on how fast you need the car to be reliable transportation and how much you value your time to do possible repeat work.


As far as “is this the end all beat all” repair of these ZF transmissions I cannot say. The code I had was 4F85/ not present EGS ratio monitoring, clutch E. which was not an atypical reason to believe that a rebuilt valve body would correct the issues present in the transmission. The issue I had was the 2nd gear to 1st gear bump when coming to a stop and car would go into limp mode when down shifting from 5th to 4th to pass someone or drive aggressively.
As you may or may not know some codes are the resultant of other things that happen to a car and are not necessarily the direct issue. I consulted a local transmission guy in my town and upon his research he concluded it might in fact need a rebuild. Within the conversation I stated that I wanted to go the valve body route with the mechatronics kit and I would purchase the equipment if he would install it. If in fact this failed to cure the problem he could always rebuild the transmission and it would have at least a revised rebuilt valve body installed as well.
In February it will have been a year since the work and probably around 4000mi with absolutely no issues whatsoever. In fact the shop recently called me to inquire where I purchased the valve body to source it for another client.
I certainly hope this helps you to decide what to do next as I totally understand your predicament. With only 50,000 some odd miles I wanted to take this car to the same 249,000 mi I took my 330xi e46.



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Foxwell 510 Elite Read BMW 535XI Transmission  Fault code