Diagnosing and coding BMW E31 E38 using Foxwell NT510 scanner

I found this Foxwell NT510 scanner chart that shows the specific function per BMW model which is helpful. foxwelltool has NT510 scanner for $179, but I found it on ECS for $199. Seems pretty reasonable for all the readout capability and the coding it claims. Plus you can buy additional software (only $70USD) for one of other manufacturers (Including AU FORD, BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Holden, Land Rover, OPEL, Toyota and VAG) as well. One another thing to consider about this tool is that the software updates for it are free for the first 18 months only, and after that only the cost of updates is only 60USD.


I have to use for my BMW E31 and E38. I can speak to ease of use and functionality.

As you can see below chart is Foxwell NT510 Scanner workable function on BMW E31.

Diagnosing and coding BMW E31 E38 using Foxwell NT510 scannerDiagnosing and coding BMW E31 E38 using Foxwell NT510 scanner




Here I list some I tested for your reference.

BMW E31 especially early are going to be very limited on features. This isn’t due to the tools or software used, it’s just the DMEs don’t have the echo commands to provide all the detailed data.

Electronic parking brake reset, SRS reset, and service intervals are the “big 3” packages that our tool has.


As for coding injectors after replacement with Foxwell NT510, it’s an accessible option in the menu list… I haven’t tried it because my injectors are fine but there’s a long list of menus in fuel injection you can mess with. Injector replacement and adaptations were in there and you could access it.


Foxwell NT510 can read out manufacturer specific codes. Most handheld tuners that will also pull codes only pull the basic P codes, not your BMW specific code lines. Now don’t get me wrong P codes are very useful, they’ll send you down the right path (most of the time), but manufacturer specific codes are going to tell you what door to open.


Foxwell unit is a standalone tool, no need for a laptop, this can be a positive or negative depending on the style tool you like to use. If you’re use to a GUI interface on a laptop going to a scan tool style interface will take some getting use to.

Going by a quick look once Foxwell releases the coding update the tools look to have very similar functions. Also no VIN lock on the foxwelll scan tool, use it on as many cars as you’d like.


In conclusion:

Foxwelltool.com extended us an evaluation copy of this unit and I was really impressed with it. The various functions remind me of the vaunted VAG-COM system we’ve used in Volkswagen & Audi for years. Such a simple and affordable scanner is really a plus for this platform.


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Diagnosing and coding BMW E31 E38 using Foxwell NT510 scanner