Diagnose Porsche 997: Foxwell NT530 vs NT520 vs Durametric pro

Have Porsche 997 09 C2S, I want to read overrevs and do some minor reprogramming, I ran into Foxwell’s website http://www.foxwelltool.com/      They have NT520 Pro ($159) vs. NT530 ($169). Not much in the price difference so that’s irrelevant but are there any reasons to get one over the other? Logic says to get the latest and greatest but other than what Foxwell website lists, are there any limitations of these 2 units that I should worry about? Will either allow me to read overrevs report?


Foxwell NT520 Porsche 997 feedback:

I use the Foxwell NT520 pro and it works fine for my purposes. Never found buried in any of the menu hierarchy an over rev report though…


Foxwell NT530 Porsche 997 feedback:

I bought the Foxwell NT530 several weeks ago. what I can say about the Foxwell, once setup I can read and adjust any ECU programming: be careful on what you tap into, you can change injectors to brakes.


Durametric pro Vs Foxwell NT530 / NT520:

Durametric pro still does more overall programming wise. some modules it digs alot deeper with more programming access/options (i.e. the rear module).

the fox well can access however the one or 2 modules that the durmetric cant (steering module being one of them).

bang for the buck of course fox well wins, as its 20% of the price of the durmaetric Pro. The durmetric enthusiast does very little – not too much more then some of thew newer 80$ code scanners.


How to do if any issues?  

For those with 997.2 using the Foxwell. Did you follow these exact steps as in this video from 7:40-8:30 mark?? This video is using an older version NT510, but still the same steps I use on my NT520 pro for my 997.1.

If you are having issues reading the dme can the 997.2 owners post photos or a video of the errors they get with the Foxwell NT520 or 530 after following the steps in the video? Maybe that will help troubleshoot this problem and get the info to Foxwell in order to fix it.




For the lower price and not being VIN specific, the Foxwell has some attraction. Also, being a MAC guy, not needing a Windows laptop is a plus.



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Diagnose Porsche 997: Foxwell NT530 vs NT520 vs Durametric pro