BMW E38 96 model code 01 with Peake Tool FF Table K12, any options?

Have BMW E38 96 model


Before: use peake tool, only works under the hood, I get the FF table and K12 should be my table to read from. I have gotten code “01” many times, but the code lists starts at 04.

Today when I went to check the SES, it was the 01 code about 6 times. Keep in mind the car runs just fine.


What should do next:

Get rid of that vintage code reader!!!

Well then, here are some options,
concerning diagnostic tools,

For a good BMW scan tool, I feel you have 3 options:

Foxwell nt520:

Carly for BMW:


INPA software for BMW


INPA is an excellent diagnostic tool,
but is a proprietary BMW factory tool.
So all available copies are technically bootleg versions.
This requires a copy of the INPA software downloaded into a laptop computer,
along with the correct cables for your particular model of BMW.
I recommend this only for computer geeks, or the mostly computer savvy among us.


For an affordable standalone unit, Foxwell nt520 (nt510 Updated version) is the preferred unit, along with required cables.
It can scan for BMW codes, among other things, as it can communicate with all BMW modules.


Carly for BMW is an APP,
and as such, requires a smartphone,
along with a connection to the OBD2 port in your vehicle,
supplied either by cable or wireless connection via Bluetooth dongle


Now the full version is $59.99/year on a recurring subscription


For further info, you can look here

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BMW E38 96 model code 01 with Peake Tool FF Table K12, any options?