BMW 04 545i n62 misfires, can Foxwell NT510 helps?

BMW 04 545i n62 has LOW 92k miles. After a long trip in limp mode and misfires. Foxwell NT520 BMW scanner helps do a multi-system scan and guide to fix the problem finally.

Cars: BMW 04 545i n62 with LOW 92k miles

Symptom: After a long trip in limp mode and misfires

What I did trouble codes:

I recently removed/cleaned all 4 vanos, replaced all 8 coils and sparks, domes, valve cover gaskets (PITA!); Cleaned and coated lot connectors with Deoxit Gold. Car IS running BETER but still crapy/shiiity/rough with NEW faulty codes:

27bf=Camshaft sensor inlet b2

2731=camshaft inlet control b1

27bb=Camshaft control bank 1

27bc=camshaft control outlet-vanes b2

274e=misfire detection, checksum failure

2745=Misfire detection cyl. 2


Not sure the ‘Camshaft sensor inlet’,’camshaft control outlet’ are same as Camshaft position sensor intake/exhaust (2 on each bank) ??


I think (could someone confirm this please) on 545i the intake sensor is at lower back part of V/C with a pigtail wire where the exhaust side is on top with a large female connector next to the eccentric sensor. Other than that they looked fine and about the same.


I did NOT have ‘Camshaft xxx’ related codes before other than 3 misfires.


Yes, I went thru lot threads but still have no good idea how I can fix it and pass PA inspection. Also, is it ok to drive like this??


Don’t have money to throw parts at it, but if high degree certainty I would.


What is cheaper method to check vacuum leak w/o a smoke machine? Is sparring carb cleaner around injector, intake manifold really bad idea?


Wish BMW could official face their failure on these n62 motors, and be brave to help out owners. Some might come back n buy another bummer one day.


  1. about 3 months ago, tried to flush coolant but didn’t drain complete (car jacked up). so I put distilled water instead. didn’t have any overheat warning.


Tools to use:

Foxwell NT510

PS: Foxwell NT520 instead NT510 now.

You can get from

BMW 04 545i n62 misfires, can Foxwell NT510 helps?

Come back after you wipe it clean and give it a full diag


oh and make sure to register your scan tool

you register it at there web site, you get free life time support and updates,

your serial number on the back of the scanner is all you need

you have to create an account.

Steps/procedures to follow:

you can just plug the scanner in, and do a full system scan, it will do everything.. you don’t have to touch adoptions.


What can Foxwell NT520 do?

So, I did…auto scan, clear all, start/idle the car, re-auto scan. They are same and match my peake code reader for DME errors:

2782, 27bb…camshaft sensor exhaust bank 1

27c0…camshaft sensor exhaust bank 2

274e, 2745…misfire cyl 8


I read that these exhaust CPSs are known to go bad. Think gone put my new cheap CPS in bank1/2 to see if make any diff. Can’t seem to see live data on CPS, but the VANOS position/inlet from both banks is about 120 degree. I assume these are coming from CPSs to DME.

There are other typical non-sense faults…steering, air bag, DSC etc.

PROGRESS!!!! For newbie’s that have similar issues, please read and try what I did…on the right path to fix it:


I just put a cheapo exhaust CPS (didn’t have much hope) on bank2. Note, very tight space for my large hand. I push it hard, it won’t seat with new o-ring. So slowly torque tore down while pushing from top. Anyway, the car starts MUCH BETTER at idle now…seems ‘ready to be driven’ better


Foxwell Bmw scanner…the codes for exhaust bank2 CPS are GONE ! Yeah!!! Still have bank1 CPS error and Cyl 8 misfire (not sure why yet)


In few days, I will get the genuine BMW CPS and put in bank1. Then, start blow smoke into the engine, lol

Am lot closer being back in business !!


So ppl, start swap those ****ty CPSs…at least for exhaust sides. Try cheapo first…about $10.


Quick update:


I got the new bmw genuine exhaust CPS and put in. Reset codes and drove 1/4 mile around the block. Re-scanned…AND no DME errors! NONE…yeah!!

She ran much better/NORMAL now…thou engine mount or damper seems bit rough (or tire pressure). Scan did show usual BS active steering errors among others. Did reset all.

For some reason, the Service Engine Soon light is still lit. Anyone know why and how to clear it? Also, my active steering is on/off twice in about 3 months.


Note, the plastic CPS torx screw hole is easy to cross-threaded. Its not tight on one side for me…might have to use one size bigger screw some time. Be careful to hand tight it straight.

Still got do my smoke test and flush lots fluids soon…then state inspection. Got take her for 500+ miles trip in a couple of weeks.

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BMW 04 545i n62 misfires, can Foxwell NT510 helps?