Best Diagnostic Tool for Land Rover Discovery 5

Car model and year: Land Rover Discovery 5


Purpose: reset oil change reminder, release the EPB, the basic service type stuff.


Tool to use: Foxwell nt650 pro



Foxwell nt650 pro Test reports:

I have a TD6 2017.
Couldn’t reset the service with the above procedure: car shows service reset but mileage remain 0.

I bought a Foxwell NT650 pro, (they send me elite) for test. The menu contains 2017 discovery but shows “no communication” when I try to use it to reset service.
However, when I use 2017+ New Range Rover model, I can get service reset same as what I get by pushing two pedals. But when I try to reset oil service, it reads “ECU not supported”.
I think it is a diesel vehicle only issue as that there are two difference service reset option in the menu: service reset and oil service reset. I guess that the second one is the one we need to reset to get available mileage back.

I dont have much luck with the customer support, they are responding but kept saying that they would need to find a vehicle like mine to do trouble shoot. Well, TD6 barely exists in China…



Even with a dealer service reset on mine, it went to 0 miles in 3000ish real miles. Then with the posted reset method, I get something (thinking 8000 but not sure).
Then after another 1500miles, it went to 0 and come back to something less than last time after a reset.

I wasn’t aware there were two service reset until I see that the Foxwell has two options in service resetting. Worth noting is that one of them is diesel only, marked as oil service reset.
I finally got Foxwell NT650 pro to work with me and state that they will give me a test version soon…



quick update from most recent dealer visit.
Dealer performed a control module software update on ECU and associated controls. Miles remaining reset to 16000. After driving 40 miles or so, dropped to 15260miles.
So the service indicator was reset but the behavior is still the same. I expect it to reach 0 miles in about 4000 actual miles.

Mentioned previously, i had purchased a Foxwell NT650 to try out. It has 2017+ Discovery on the menu but shows cant communicate when I try.
After a long hassle, support sent me a test version, which seems that they took the setting from 2017+ RR to Discovery. It is able to communicate but come out with a ECU not supported message.
In summary, I believe it would require the test engineer to physically find a car to play with to get it right. Which is probably impossible for TD6 since they are almost none exist in China.





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Best Diagnostic Tool for Land Rover Discovery 5