Audi A6 Engine Codes Do not Match on Foxwell NT500 (fixed)

This blog is about the problem that engine codes of 2000 Audi A6 do not match on foxwell NT500 and the useful solution has been given.


Vehicle info:

Model and year: 2000 Audi A6 avant, 2.8L 30 valve non-turbo.

Engine code: ATQ, 147KW.



My foxwell NT500 do not match with engine codes and it doesn’t take my VIN. The list of NT500 has AMX, ARE, AGE, AJK, APR, AQD, and north American models are AHA, ATQ  (mine),APB, BEL, AVK, AWN,BBD, BAS, BCY. Is there a firmware upgrade that would list my model?



  1. Go to official website to update to latest version
  2. When you select car model you have to chooseAudi  A6 USA/CAN 1998>


Update operation guide:

  1. The device required:

Foxwell NT500 scan tool

Update tool diagmate

PC or laptop with USB ports and internet explorer

SD card reader

Internet service

  1. Update steps :

(1). Download the update tool DiagMate from the foxwell official website

(2). Upzip the DiagMate file, and follow the steps to install the tool and driver.

(3). Double click the FoxScanner on the desktop to launch the application.

(4). Remove the memory card from the scanner to the card reader and plug the reader into the computer.

(5).Use your Foxwell ID and password to login.

(6).Click my updates, and select the check box you hope to update, click the download. Then click the update button to start installation.

The updates completed.

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Audi A6 Engine Codes Do not Match on Foxwell NT500 (fixed)