2002 BMW 530I started at low idle, read DTCs by Foxwell NT530

Have 2002 BMW 530I, it started at very low idle, gave it gas but no response. hold it to the floor and it is as though I have no gas pedal at all. just went through the entire cooling fiasco and replaced all of that. I tried to do a lot with no luck, thanks to the experienced engineers who told me I need to have a code reader like a Foxwell NT530 BMW scanner, it will point you in the right direction. Here I’d like to share my repair diary.

2002 BMW 530I started at low idle, read DTCs by Foxwell NT530

Suggestion from one user:

Anyone working on these cars needs to have a code reader, a Schwaben or a Foxwell is a good tool to have on hand, having said that, now you need to go to the fuel rail, uncap the Schrader valve and depress the valve and see if there is fuel pressure. Have a rag on hand, depress the valve with a small screw driver, there should be good pressure coming out, if not, you have a fuel delivery problem. Is there a Check Engine light on and the EML light illuminated?


This is my UPDATE:

I took the cover off of the engine and pushed the button for fuel pressure. When I did a little bit of gas shot out, but not much. I held the little button down and no more came out. I even turned the key on 3 and pushed it an it was the same nothing coming out. So do I need a new fuel pump or a new valve, let me know.


Again, more users still recommend me to buy a BMW scanner:

You really do need to get your hands on a scanner, even if you borrow one to start. Constructing a sound repair plan for a BMW without being able to scan fault codes is about as easy (and productive) as constructing a house out of pudding.


And I bought one BMW INPA which is not working for me:

I ordered the BMW INPA software, got the cable, and wouldn’t you know it…the hard drive went out on my laptop. So I will now go look for a scanner. Is there a particular one that is reasonably priced that I should get?


Here is more information on why I need a scanner like Foxwell NT530:

Foxwell NT530 BMW scanner works great for me.

you gotta make sure it is loaded for an E39 5 series. I would only order that scanner from foxwell directly, you will get good support from someone who answers the phone and speaks English hopefully.


So get the scanner and that will tell me what is wrong, correct?

the response is: Maybe; maybe not.

I’m not being snarky, just trying to set your expectations. Any of a BMW’s (any modern car, really) more complex systems/functions will involve sensors, control modules, and/or control servos in addition to the “traditional” components one might naturally suspect on an “analog” vehicle. The scanner will tell you whether any modules have any stored fault codes. Said faults might point you to a problem with a sensor, a controlled component, or the control module itself–sometimes very precisely; sometimes, only generally.

Example: High-mileage cars with the M54 engine (yours) often develop intermittent but recurring faults related to the DMTL pump (and a check-engine light (MIL) to go with it). That is an emissions-control device that detects fuel system vapor leaks. What makes it interesting–and a good example, here–is that the fault could mean that the pump is going bad, that you have an actual fuel-system leak, or simply that the diagnostic system is leaking vapor–not the fuel system per se. Replacing the $200 pump suggested by the fault code is a fool’s errand if the real problem is one of the latter two cases.

Likewise, the absence of any faults is useful information, too: It suggests that the problem lies in a component that is not part of the control & monitoring function(s).

Bottom line, scanning for fault codes is not a magic bullet. It is an important first step but nothing more. If the scanner tells you nothing–that tells you something!


Alright, first thing is battery voltage, second thing is fuses, some fuses for more “vital” parts are under the passenger cabin filter in the engine bay.
A scanner like Foxwell NT530 is vital, sometimes it will point you in the right direction,
like left rear wheel speed sensor faulty, orther times its a shot in the dark with o2 sensor warning and Bank 2 adaptation limit reached but that is where the forum comes in handy, people have in 99% of the cases been there before you and can direct you. I have no codes, for the engine, that does not mean it will still work tomorrow.


Good luck to all users who may have the same situation.

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2002 BMW 530I started at low idle, read DTCs by Foxwell NT530