2000 W210 E320 wagon (not 4matic) No Crank, Shifter in park solution

Benz W210 E320 wagon 2000 Traction triangle light on solution: Foxwell NT530 scanner Done


Car model and year: 2000 Benz W210 E320 wagon (not 4matic)


Symptom: The Traction triangle light came on when started and never went off.

the ignition turns fine, but no sound at all not even click. The selector is stuck in park as well. The brakes lights come on when pedal depressed. The starter when jumped at starter relay turns fine.


What I did do:

All fuses have been tested with voltmeter. The relays for starter checked for function and continuity after powering with 12V.


Advised to do:

1) It may be the battery, check the voltage of your battery,
2) brake switch, swap it out, it’s cheap and your best option at this time.
3) Look in your manual it shows how to use a pen to press the detent in the shifter to get it out of park so it can be towed, if required.
4) With your other MBs, and present situation, I would suggest you get yourself a Mercedes good scanner – it’s worth the investment so you can read any saved codes.



I will start with the brake light switch. The only hesitation I have with that is that the brake lights work, and I had just replaced that switch last year ( the symptoms were different then I actually could still drive the car just had no brake lights, unlike the W124 when it happened ( had no brake lights ) it went into limp mode and would not start the next day. The battery was just swapped with my W126 battery 1000 CCA so I am certain that is not the cause, but will trickle charge after brake light switch change out.


Replaced brake light switch ( no change ) I guess i have an extra one. disconnected battery put on trickle charge over night the battery at hook up was not low but kept on charge all night anyway.


Mercedes good scanner to consider:

  1. iCarsoft MBII:

the W210 E320 o not list at all


  1. Foxwell NT530 scanner with a 38 pin adapter

Was able to read all the codes from all the available modules. I need to buy an extra 38pin connector that goes under the hood.

This is Benz 38pin connector used to read from the port under the hood.

2000 W210 E320 wagon (not 4matic) No Crank, Shifter in park solution


-Cheap solution

– has the Transmission scan capability


  1. Autel DS708 with 38pin adapter:

A bit out of my price range at the moment was hoping for a more economical solution.


  1. can get an indie nearby to do a basic scan to see if you have any saved codes.


Ongoing process……

2000 W210 E320 wagon (not 4matic) No Crank, Shifter in park solution

Mrboca over at Mercedes-Benz forum knew immediately what the problem might be, his words:Regarding the scanners, the Foxwell with its specific 38 pin connector adapter should be fine for your testing purposes.

Have you tested the fuses on the K40 with voltages on BOTH sides when the key is in position 2 (especially fuse 3 which powers the ESM (shifter) and the TCM.). ?

Typically the brake pedal switch should not cause the engine not to crank, but it would cause the shifter not to shift when it has problems. The traction light being on before the failure seems to give some clues, as the traction module mat have lost the power. Without the proper signaling from the traction module to the other modules, the car will not start.

Do you have a fan in your module box ? Check the 2 pin connector next to the starter relay / 40 amp orange fuse corner. Is the connector empty or does it have a connector with two wires ?

So I did check the Black Computer bock again under hood Passenger side took out 4 screws from box inside are the K40 relay, the TCM, and ECM modules fuses relay etc. check for voltage at all fuses and found #3 was faulty picture attached with that fuse removed.

Also he explained the different fuses and what they do his words: The fan is powered by Fuse 4 which also powers the one of the supplies to the ECU. Fuse 3 powers the TCM and the shifter. No power = no shift + no start.

A Blown Fuse 4 can cause the same.

Why did Fuse 3 blow ? It could be your K40 relay module is on the way out (high contact resistance in K1 relay = modules drawing more current to sustain power requirements). You had traction fault came up because Fuse 3 also powers the steering angle sensor (if you have ESP), and/or lower voltage supply to the traction module.


Credits to @rokacook and @khomer2 (mbworld.org).


Foxwell NT530 Tech Support: www.foxwelltool.com

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2000 W210 E320 wagon (not 4matic) No Crank, Shifter in park solution