$155 Foxwell NT510 what works on BMW

I have the BMW Version of the Foxwell NT510 scanner in hand. I am thinking about write a personal deep reviews on what works.


(Following parts are quoted)

What I can say so far is I am reasonably impressed.


Supports standard OBDII with multiple protocols so the tool by itself can be used for almost any EOBD/OBDII vehicle. Supports Trouble Codes, Readiness Monitors, Freeze Frame and Live Data.


In addition to standard EOBD/OBDII, this tool also supports BMW (or VAG if the VAG module is ordered), ABS, Airbag and Electronic Parking Brake if the vehicle is equipped. Also specialized/proprietary manufacturer codes, Live Data for many of the sub modules, and Bi-directional control for further diagnosis. Things like windows, lighting, HVAC, turn signal stalk, wiper buttons can be monitored and things that are controlled by electronic modules can be commanded on with the tool.


Much of the specific features are based on what features and options the specific car may have, but I would put this tool in a “Prosumer” class. So for around $179 at www.foxwelltool.com this is a good tool to consider. Yes you could consider VCDS, however, this tool can be updated to support other models like BMW, Mercedes, GM and others. So if you have multiple products in your stable, for about $70 per additional manufacturer for pretty thorough diagnostics and control this may be a good choice. Also small and can be left in the car without tying up a laptop.



Every time I connect it, I am finding new things.

Here is a small list of some of the things in can do on one of my BMW’s. Note that not all of these features are available on all cars, depends on what is supported. NOTE, I did not try to execute most of these features as I did not want to find out the hard way I am painting myself in the corner. but the Menu options were there.


Reset Service Reminders

Reset CAS (Car Access System) or Immobilizer

Steering Angle Sensor Reset/Calibration

Wheel Slip Counter

Electronic Ride Height

Dynamic Drive Pressure Control

Vertical Dynamics

Clearing DME/ECU Adaptations

Adjust Engine Idle

Clearing Transmission Adaptations

Adjusting Transmission or Transfer Case After Fluid Change

Command Fuel Pump On

Command ABS Pump On – Need to see if there is a specific ABS Bleed procedure buried somewhere

Command windows, sunroof, interior lights on

Monitor Live Data for most systems on the vehicle to include:

Radiator Outlet Temp, VANOS (Variable Valve Angles), Rough Running/Cylinder Balance, Knock Sensors, Throttle and Position Sensors, Convertible Top Switches, Roll Over Protection, HVAC, Light Control Modules and on and on.


I am not sure I will ever find everything this tool is capable of. Granted it is a small, stand alone, handheld tool, so at times it is limited as to what is shown on the small color display. But for $179 and no need for a laptop other than for updates it is not bad.


One caveat is there are updates for the tool, foxwelltool.com claims they are Free for the first 18 months and there after there will be a annual charge. Not exactly sure the update charge and if you have to pay for updates for each model line installed on the tool. But most updates will likely be for newer models, so an Annual Update may not be required. Maybe update the tool every 3-4 years depending on your needs.


Still much cheaper than the Pro level scan tools that have updates that cost between $600-$1000 each.

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$155 Foxwell NT510 what works on BMW