Will Foxwell NT650Elite diagnose Ssangyong Rexton

Question: Does Foxwell nt650Elite cover or diagnose Ssangyong Rexton vehicle?


Foxwell chief engineer replied: yes, up to 2015 year.


For the specific Foxwell nt650 Elite Ssangyong Rexton function list, please refer to


Choose Ssangyong, then Foxwell nt650 Elite, then Rexton, then ABS control system or Airbag control system, and click on “Search”, you will get the 31 pages results in total.

The functions include: ECU information, read codes, clear codes, live data, active test, special functions etc.

Foxwell Nt650 Elite Ssangyong Rexton Function List

Foxwell nt650 Elite tech support: www.foxwelltool.com

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