Where to buy working cheap Foxwell NT510 (Schwaben) for BMW MINI?

Thanks to Nyasha Frazer from Zimbabwe, he gives good feedback to Foxwell NT510.

Until I own a Foxwell NT510 (Schwaben is a rebadged) after searching in google do I belive I can pay less and have a working BMW scan tool with many reset functions i.e coding, register new battery, DPF regeneration, ABS, TPS, EPB, oil reset tool, abs bleeding etc. It doesn’t let me down, so would like to give it a good feedback here.


What I got is from http://www.foxwelltool.comwho only supply foxwell tools, 145$ (+ shipping cost) to Zimbabwe.


Af first, I have a question “Does your device come with the BMW/MINI software or i would have to download.” I got answer is:

This device comes with no software, you have to download it by yourself. It is very easy, you can have a look at the instruction.


Maybe many users have the same question as me.


After wait 5 days, I got well packed package with shockproof plastic foam and the screen is good and HQ display.

The first thing I did is register a member on www.foxwelltech.com to the member center to download BMW / Mini software. Then follow the instruction to install on my machine… everything is ok according to the supplied instruction.


Little episode: On trying to register my tool nt510, my antivirus on my computer conflicted with the scanner software, then I cant register the product because the device wont light back up inorder for me to get the device password (Remind, better close antivirus when reistration, belive me the software is safe)


Finally I got it working great as I said in the first paragraph.


Last but not least, I must give this site customer service thumb up, he is very polite and helpful. Highly recommend this site.


Anyway, Foxwell NT510 is a good investment, I think every BMW model should come one with.

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Where to buy working cheap Foxwell NT510 (Schwaben) for BMW MINI?