Where to buy Foxwell NT530, NT520, NT510 scan tool?

This article organizes the stores that foxwell NT530/ NT520/ NT510 customers often visit, as well as their reasons and experience.


Car models and years:

Two 2011 328i X-drive

One 2000 F350

One 2000 Toyota


Symptom: car went from a leaky VCG to not starting


Intentional seller:






Vote ebay seller:

Reason: cheap

NT520 with BMW software preloaded is about $150 shipped. Each additional manufacturer software is $60.

Search Foxwell on ebay and you will have answer.


Vote Schwaben:

There is no reason to like it.

Schwabben version of the NT510/NT520 costs more, for BMW diagnosing software, It the exact same thing with same BMW software preloaded.


Vote foxwelltool.com:

Reason: Works fine.

Feedback: bought an nt520 from foxwelltool.com…everything worked fine…

NT520 will register batteries but it will not code batteries. Most BMW scanners will register batteries but not code the battery. To code the battery you need BMW INPA or ISTA, both of which are 100% FREE.


Vote Foxwell NT530/ NT520 or Autel MaxiCheck MX808:

  1. Autel MaxiCheck MX808 is suitable for those who have more than 5 cars in a family. Its price ranges from $306 to $459 and not suitable for DIYers.


  1. If you have less cars i.e Two 2011 328i X-drive, one 2000 F350 and 2000 Toyota, buy one Foxwell NT530 with BMW software and pay $60 for Toyota would be more cheaper.





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Where to buy Foxwell NT530, NT520, NT510 scan tool?