Top BMW E90 battery registration tools advice

If do don’t register BMW E90 battery, what will happen? then what tool to use?



I’m in the boons visiting relatives. It has been -43c with the wind chill for a week, and my BMW E90 car will not start. I *may* still have the original battery in my E90 which would be impressive, if true.

I picked up an Eliminator Ultra AGM (Canadian Tire) battery that is different mah and, well, original (judging by Pb logo and white top) is Lead Acid.

Where I’m staying doesn’t even have a battery charger. A boost attempt didn’t work. I need to install this (or another) battery so we can leave tomorrow.

I have read enough to know that I can register the new battery later, but going from a 90ah to 80ah pb > agm battery… am I safe to drive home (400km) with it?

Once I’m there, I still don’t have means to register the battery or reprogram, but I’ll use the wife’s car until I can order what I need.



The battery will be just fine. However, it will not last as long. If it were registered, the car’s charging system will optimally charge it. Right now, it’s charging the new battery at the old battery’s settings.

Options –
1) take it to a dealer – charge will be about $100.00 to register it. It will take the mechanic all of 5 min. (Literally)

2) buy Carly app & hardware for about $100.00; you will have an app that can code to a degree & read codes.

3) buy a version of the Foxwell scanner NT510 or ECS Tuning’s version for $150.00; you will have a scanner that can somewhat code, but for the most part will read codes and the like specifically to BMW’s. What Carly cannot do, it can do. Ex- code injectors etc.

4) do nothing; your battery just won’t last as long.

Foxwell scanner & Carly app complement each other very well. However, they would be a waste of money if you can’t DIY and don’t plan on keeping the car for at least 5-7 years.


Thanks to @ mweisdorfer (e90post forum member)


Where to get Foxwell scanner NT510?

Advice you go for who are authorized dealer sales for a cheaper price.

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Top BMW E90 battery registration tools advice