To bleed brake system on all Land Rover, which tool?

Have Land Rover models to bleed the brake system. Which tool is working, cheap or expensive? Any reviews?

Car info:

I gave my engine bay a thorough cleaning recently while the engine is out and that included undoing the lines to the ABS unit as well as pulling the white reservoir tank for the brake master cylinder. Thinking about it now I might have gotten away without introducing any air to the system but I’m planning on installing the steel brake lines while the engine is out so I know I’ll have to bleed after that process.


Please go for:

1) Nanocom Evolution (very pricey due to paying extra for additional LR models and engine types, but it is OUTSTANDING for troubleshooting Land Rover specific problems)
2) Foxwell NT510 or NT520 or NT530 (great price at $150ish and can do all Land Rover models)
3) Hawkeye Total (pricey and can do all Land Rover models)

If money is an issue, go with Foxwell NT530.


For the Foxwell request Land Rover/Jaguar. It’s either already loaded on it or you can download it to the Foxwell. BTW…. the Foxwell NT-530 is on sale for October


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